StarBat: Runtime EXEC parameter PARM='RC=0' no longer supported

ID:    A28
Published:    26 September 2008
Updated:    26 September 2008

Operating System(s)

  • Z/OS


  • StarTool FDM



Beginning with FDM 7.7.0, Return code processing in StarBat has been enhanced to allow user customization.
By customizing the new StarBat Return Code Table, users can tailor StarBat return code processing both globally throughout StarBat and locally on a function-by-function basis. 
With this return code table, the StarBat runtime EXEC parameter PARM='RC=0' is no longer supported, as the new return code processing makes its function obsolete.
No change to customer JCL is required, as StarBat ignores PARM='RC=0'. If a return code of 04 (the new default) is acceptable for an empty input data set, no further action is needed.
However, if a return code of 00 is preferred for an empty input data set condition, the StarBat return code table will need to be modified.

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