MCLG: Drop down menus do not work in Firefox

ID:    A23
Published:    04 June 2007
Updated:    24 April 2008

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With Firefox, the drop down menus in Collage no longer work. These are the menus that let you switch views, for example, from Deploy Folder view to Contribution view. When you try to open the menu, you get a very small bar instead of a menu. 

The following notice was sent out on June 1, 2007 about this problem.

Dear Serena® Collage® Customer,

We have recently become aware of a problem with the latest patch for Firefox that renders many of the drop down menus in the Collage 5.1.x interface unusable. We are investigating the cause and solution but would like to make you aware of the situation.  If possible,  we suggest that this patch not be applied until a solution is available. If you are currently experiencing the problem you can either roll Firefox back to a pre version or, if you are a Windows customer, use Internet Explorer until a solution is available.

Please contact Serena Support if you have further questions.


Serena Software Support

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The Collage developers are researching the problem. They have found that the change is due to a bug fixed in this release of Firefox. If you want to read about that bug, it is at As part of the bug fix, now non-privileged XUL popups are restricted to the size of the content frame. For Collage, this is very small. Our developers are working with the Mozilla team to find the way to solve this problem. They have opened the following defect with Mozilla on the topic

In the mean time, you should avoid upgrading to If you have already upgraded, you can uninstall version and reinstall an older version. Here is the link to

UPDATE: A patch has also been released for this issue in Collage 5.1.2. The patch is available in KB 5007715. To address the problem, Collage will now use a new method to create the menus when running Collage through Firefox. As a side effect, the first time you open any menu within a browser session, it will take a couple seconds for the menu to open. After that, all of the menus are cached in memory and they will load faster.

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