cmnproj parameter change in 5.7.1 and above - some parameter values prior to 5.7.1 will cause errors

ID:    A10
Published:    16 August 2006
Updated:    24 April 2008


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 DS 5.7.1 and above

cmnproj -actdiff output fields are:

e.g. cmnproj -h:<host> -u:<user> -actdiff -p1:Proj1 -p2:Proj2 -outfields:apnrvdbqoswet -v

            a - Original Area           b - Modified Area
            p - Original Path           q - Modified Path
            n - Original Name           o - Modified Name
            r - Original RelPath        s - Modified RelPath
            v - Original Version        w - Modified Version
            d - Original Description    e - Modified Description
                                        t - Diff Status

DS 5.7.0 and below

cmnproj -actdiff output fields are:

e.g. cmnproj -h:<host> -u:<user> -actdiff -p1:Proj1 -p2:Proj2 -outfields:abcdefghilklm -v

            a - Original Area           g - Modified Area
            b - Original Path           h - Modified Path
            c - Original Name           i - Modified Name
            d - Original RelPath        j - Modified RelPath
            e - Original Version        k - Modified Version
            f - Original Description    l - Modified Description
                                        m - Diff Status

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