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CMS-XML V8.2.03 REST API: Secured Port prevents ZMF variable & EVTNOxx from being set to “Y”.
ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 3
CMS-XML Installing a Secure Version of the ChangeMan ZMF REST API-Jenkins Integration
in such environments AT-TLS will need to be implemented to resolve the issue. This document explains the steps required and provides an example on how a secure, end-to-end ZMF REST API environment can be configured That is, from the ZMF REST API Testing Tool running on a user's Windows client machine, to the ZMF Tomcat environment running on z/OS, to a Jenkins environment running on a Windows Server machine, and back again.
CMS-XML Event Response Code: 500 following the implementation of ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 3 - REST API (Revision-1)
After the customer disabled their AT-TLS rule, the problem was eliminated. They had the AT-TLS rule encrypting all ports AND they had configured Tomcat to secure ports (HTTPS), so it appears that their issue was caused by double encryption.
CMS-XML ZMF failing to validate protected userids correctly
ChangeMan ZMF 8.1
CMS-XML ZMF for Eclipse does not provide appropriate access, when dataset are protected.
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack
CMS-XML ZMF 8.1 Passticket validation for protected userids
A ‘protected’ userid is defined by IBM as follows: “Protected user IDs are protected from being used to logon to the system and from being revoked through inactivity or unsuccessful attempts to access the system using incorrect passwords and password phrases.” These tend to be used for started task userids and similar purposes (e.g. the ZMF started task, job scheduling software, etc.).
CMS-XML “SSLSocketFactory is null” error received executing “Show Web Services Version...” in TLS secured environment
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack ZMF 4ECL 8.1.2
CMS-XML How to install the SBM certificate into the ZMF Connector (ALM Connector) java keystore
This article goes through the steps to import a certificate into the Java Keystore ( cacerts ) file so JBoss can communicate via SSL / HTTPS to secure sites and URL's. You first need to acquire the public certificate or DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER) file to import. For more information on this see KB S139798
CMS-XML Invalid CMN8492I editing component secured by entity
This processing works fine in ZMF
CMS-XML Need to provide AT-TLS connection option in base ZMF Web Services
However, several customers also host their own homegrown, ZMF web services(ZMFWS)-based applications. Looking at the web services there is no ‘ secure logon’/TLS/SSL option available. This functionality needs to be added so that custom applications can also exploit the benefits of AT-TLS security.
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