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CMS-XML XMLSERV lists no services when TCP/IP not enabled on Server task
Sernet 8.2 Patch 1
CMS-XML XMLSERV does not display services when the ZMF task does not have a XCH port assignment
Sernet 8.2
CMS-XML STC abend S378-24 with an associated RACF security violation.
ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
CMS-XML RACF and Conversion of SSM V8.2.3 to V8.3.2. Additional Detail
SSM V 8.2 .3 system uses tsoid's. Customers can continue to use the same authorities with the 8.3.2 (converted) system. They can also keep their SITEADMINS spec in HPSPARMS if they wish - no changes needed. The system will continue to function much as it did in V8.2.3.
CMS-XML Examples of setting up XML Services security with ACF2 and Top Secret
For reference, the RACF rules supplied in the ZMF 8.2 Readme should be translated
CMS-XML Subsystem-Unique Checking of New Functional Security Entities Implemented in ZMF 8.2
Security Server software that issues a RACROUTE RC=8 for a profile not found condition (e.g. CA-ACF2, CA-TSS), and RACF environments that have overridden the default return code for a 'profile not found' condition from 4 to 8, must define the subsystem profile names for all subsystems. If they do not the response will be incorrectly interpreted as users being denied access to the functions and they will not be allowed to access them.
CMS-XML 8.2 Patch 4: Failing to apply changes to SERLCSEC results in S282-64 abend
A S282 abend is described by IBM as "An error was detected by RACF ® in the parameters passed to RACF for RACROUTE REQUEST=AUTH processing. ".
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZDD 8.2
, but does not actually perform the operation. XmlServ Tool Displays Copybook Suffix
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
This report lists every High-Level Language Exit (HLLX) recorded in the package master whether it is a valid exit or not. You must have an OMVS RACF segment defined to run this report. The code to run the report is delivered
CMS-XML Request to Synchronize ERO ZMF and ZMF/Client pack Check-in security requirements
A customer is reporting that in ZMF V 8.2 .03 a user who has update access to RACF resource CMN*RLSA and CMN*RLSM and only READ access to the application can successfully check in a package into an AREA via ZMF. However, the same user receives ZMF/Eclipse “CMNR1090A – Application access denied, contact local Admin” message when the same scenario is invoked from V8.2.03 Client Pack.
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