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CMS-XML Get "Invalid procedure call or argument" error in polog.log file using Project Office.
"MSG_TITLE: Invalid procedure call or argument". The polog.log will show the following error: ParentID=21375 does not exist ,4,Facility not specified,POData,PODataSet,,Description=Invalid procedure call or argument # Error Code=5 # Source=POData
CMS-XML Deleting log entry causes error "Invalid procedure call or argument"
Pacific Edge Software has created Hotfix # 10481 to resolve this issue. If you feel that this applies to you, please contact CustomerSupport to receive the patch. Updates to custom long text fields in the Edit Log Entry page are not successfully made if more than one custom long text field has been placed on that page."
CMS-XML Error "Invalid Procedure call or Argument" when logging into the PO Win client
Error "Invalid Procedure call or Argument " when logging into the PO Win client
CMS-XML Invalid procedure call or argument when working with SLA reports
Invalid procedure call or argument when working with SLA reports
CMS-XML Using TeamScript to Call Functions in a DLL- TeamTrack 6.5 and later
int function_name( TTScriptArg*, int, ReallocArg_t ); where the first argument is an array of TTScriptArg objects, the second parameter is the number of objects in the array, and the third is a callback function pointer back into TeamTrack to resize any of single TTScriptArg in the array. When building your libraries, you must include a header file with the following definition:
CMS-XML Calls to USS SYSCALL environment interrupt SERXMLRC connections
/* REXX */ arg ssys # pack insdate call 'SYSCALLS' 'ON'
CMS-XML Slow response from API data calls.
Try the call with the bGetExtendedData argument set to False. By default this will be True, returning all hierarchical data. Turning off this option to only populate the fieldList with no member lists or sublists.
CMS-XML Privilege problems when attempting to use SectionsOption "SECTION:ATTACHMENTS" or "SECTION:ITEMLINKS" in API/webservice call
If you try to run a GetItem API/webservice call with a SectionsOption parameter specified to return the specified section "ATTACHMENTS" or more specifically the "ITEMLINKS" section (which is one of the four sub-sections included under the "ATTACHMENTS" argument ), it may not work and claim that the authenticating user has insufficient privileges.
CMS-XML OLEDB call gives error "Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero"
There was a problem executing the stored procedure: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list . State: (null), Native: 2045280479, Source: (null)<
CMS-XML Opening task plan gives Javascript error Invalid Argument character 849855 and tasks don't show.
This error is caused by a holdover from a defect that was fixed in releases after Mariner 6.2 where you used to be able to edit the value for the Primary dimension option in the properties screen of a task plan on the gantt tab. If you don't have the dimension called "Plan" as one of the two dimensions that show on the task plan then you won't see tasks and you will get the javascript error in the title of this kb showing in the browser.
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