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CMS-XML Add User, Single Relational, and Multi Relational fields as Facets to Work Center Search Results
option, deploy the process app, and then make the configuration file change before the upgrade to 11.5. This allows the reindex that occurs during the upgrade to add the fields, so you do not need to reindex again after the upgrade.
CMS-XML No results on Work Center search - Spontaneous re-index of table
No results on Work Center search - Spontaneous re-index of table
CMS-XML Explicit string searches containing a hyphen do not return correct results in Work Center
When searching for a string in Work Center that contains a hyphen, such as "abc-def", it will return items containing abc and def.
CMS-XML URL attachments and restricted attachments no longer returned in Work Center search results
To add them to search results , perform the following steps:
CMS-XML Work Center search results are expanded rather than collapsed when Rich Text field contains a broken link to an image
User doesn't have ability to collapse item with long description. Search results usability is inappropriate.
CMS-XML Work Center menus are corrupted when promoting snapshots across environments - error using Developer Tools is: {"status":"ERROR","results":"query did not return a unique result: 16"}
After taking a snapshot and promoting it to a target environment, the view menus in Work Center may have duplicate entries or do not load. Additionally, an error similar to the following message can be found via use of browser developer tools as a result of the ../workcenter/menuItem/all?...” server request.
CMS-XML Work Center search does not return newly added items (cluster system)
This problem only impacts systems setup in a cluster. When Tomcat starts on both servers, the first one up will become the indexer and the second node connects to the index in read-only mode.
CMS-XML Work Center Search "click" no longer works correctly - must click in the Item ID hyperlink
When running a Work Center search , a set of results is produced, each item taking one or more lines depending on how the search is configured. The documentation states that you may click anywhere in the row to open the item. This is not possible in newer version of Work Center.
CMS-XML Export to Excel from search results does not work
Items are not exported to Excel from keyword search results in the SBM User Workspace. To work around this problem, try exporting results from a report instead.
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5+: Disable Returning Attachments in Work Center Search Results (How to turn off Smart Search indexing for attachments)
You don't want Smart Search to return results from attached files.
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