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CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Synchronize - setting "exclude local files" to * prevents addition of folders to Dimensions repository
It is expected that in Dimensions CM you can add a folder structure to the repository without the files contained in the folders. However, when setting the " Exclude local files" parameter to * and then running the Synchronise tool, you get a message saying "No changes were detected".
CMS-XML Reports: Values in Search Filter conditions are removed after a Promote for multi group fields
Set the Operator to “ Contains All” ... Got to the repository and create a snapshot ... After the promote finishes edit the report and note that the selection are missing and will need to be reapplied.
PDF Dimensions CM Pulse Running Halt on Failure and Script Experts
Halt on failure is ... ... been returned any further processing in the chain will be halted and the expert ... Why use Halt on Failure? Investigate Halt on Failure Running the Halt on Failure and ... ... text file that contains some C code ... ... int main ( void ) Running the Halt on Failure and ... Suites can contain one or more ... ... Qlarius Online Insurance contains the streams QLARIUS ... ... If a suite containing the product has ... Running the Halt on Failure and ... Running the Halt on Failure and ... ... select the existing repository and the existing ... Running the Halt on Failure and ...
CMS-XML SBM: About the "Clear History" feature used to schedule Common Log cleanup (Delete Common Logger)
... command against the Repository database: Just remember that SBM jobs contain a "seconds" part at the beginning while most cron jobs start with "minute". ... This job gives details about how many rows were deleted and how long the job took to run. ... On the Clear History screen, select the option for "Not Scheduled" or " Cancel my scheduled activities for all environments" (depending on your version), and click OK. The status for the job will change to be 3 (inactive).
CMS-XML Promote or Deploy gets aborted with error in Activity log - ERROR -- An error happened during the import to Application Engine: First Element must contain the local name, Envelope , but found Fault
ERROR -- An error happened during the import to Application Engine: First Element must contain the local name, Envelope , but found Fault ERROR -- Unknown errors occurred in the server. Please check the Application Repository log for more details.
CMS-XML DM12.1 - Windows Synchronise->Supported Conflicts - Local deleted and moved in repository
src are delivered) 1)In WorkArea2 move inc\foo.c to src\foo.c 2)Deliver changes to STREAM2 3)In WorkArea1 delete file inc\foo.c 4)Deliver changes to STREAM1 5)Update from STREAM2 to WorkArea1 Actual Result: addition accepted Expected Result: conflict
CMS-XML Dim14: Deliver: Modifying the Exclude local files list for all clients
This key will contain the values from the previous deliver. This will be used for new work areas/delivers.
CMS-XML DMCM: Include and exclude fields are not saved with work area and repository changes
Include and exclude files settings are not saved when using repository or work area changes from Windows shell extensions. When using deliver or update the include and exclude files fields are saved when clicking on next on the first screen. Any changes or additions made to the include/exclude files fields for work area changes or repository changes are not saved to the registry.
CMS-XML Composer gives error "The design element does not exist. The process app that contains it may have been deleted from the repository"
When this is finished , try to open it again from Composer (select the Process App with the red icon in Composer to pull in the copy from the "Get Process App...")..
CMS-XML OFM: If a form is edited in a package, it cannot subsequently be removed.
Also, because of this behavior, if a package containing a form is baselined and then subsequently backed out and reverted, it cannot be Memo Deleted , if the "MEMO DELETE EMPTY PACKAGES ONLY" Admin Option is set to 'YES'.
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