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CMS-XML Email Submit. Send failed response to user if attachment failed to attach, but item was successfully submitted.
Email Submit . Send failed response to user if attachment failed to attach, but item was successfully submitted.
CMS-XML Dim12: Deploy: A post-event script doesn't complete successfully then the deployment job is stuck in the "submitted" state
When a user deploys a request with a post-event script and the script doesn't run correctly then the state job of the request is stuck at "executing" and the job is at " submitted ". The next set of deployments for this area will then not run. Is there a way to make the job of the request completed ?
CMS-XML XML email submit failing
XML email submit is failing with an error of "The submit was not completed successfully . One or more fields are invalid. 'Title' is a required field.
CMS-XML The Build service ends prematurely and sends a blank error msg. File tailored JCL is not submitted.
In ZMF V5.3.6, when the Batch Stage, Batch Checkout or Batch Recompile function is executed, the CMNxSRVC job completes successfully . The CMNxADSP job also ends with RC=0, but is does not submit the actual file tailored Batch job. It ends prematurely and sends a blank error message.
CMS-XML Incorrect and confusing promotion history created when two promotion requests submitted in very close proximity
for the same package to the same promotion site/level in close proximity, confusing promotion history data can be generated and displayed. For example, only one of the requests is marked complete despite all jobs in both promotion requests completing successfully : CMNQRY27
CMS-XML Event not being sent for orchestration on email submit with SSO enabled
When an email submit transition has an action to call an orchestration and SSO is enabled, the event will not get sent successfully which will prevent the orchestration from executing.
CMS-XML Unable to see generated LOD and LST when a BUILD is submitted.
Using the ZDD 6.1.1 GA client version, the LST and LOD components are not viewable following the build of a source member. If you connect to a ZMF 5.6.2 subsystem and select a package with a checked out source member in it, the BUILD operation completes successfully and activates the source. However, the associated LST and LOD members are not seen in their corresponding folders when viewed through ZDD.
CMS-XML XML submitting job under wrong USERID
For example, userid CMNSUP1, which does not have access to application GPIP, is allowed to run the PACKAGE DEMOTE CLEANUP XML service on a GPIP package. The package is demoted successfully . The package creator's userid is used for authorization checking.
CMS-XML Audit autoresolve incorrectly submits a recompile for a load libtype instead of the source libtype.
One component is TPC (like SRC) with target load TPL. The recompile for this component is submitted for the load libtype TPL, incorrectly. The second recompile is submitted successfully for the source type.
CMS-XML 12.2.x / When submitting a build, got the error "Error: Attempt to reactivate an active session."
216 commands processed 215 completed successfully 1 completed with error(s)
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