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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF87100: Get copy with Web client with filter set to All versions
In Web client , "Get Copy" will try to copy all files in the view (what you see is what you get a copy of). So if e.g. the filter "All Versions" is used and the checkbox "Get copy only if newer" is unchecked, the client will retrieve all versions of all files, the problem is that the filename is the same for all versions of a file, so it is overwritten and the oldest version will be the last one written.
CMS-XML VM: What can be set as UNC in VM 6.0.65 and before?
VM: What can be set as UNC in VM 6.0.65 and before? In pre-6.5 versions of PVCS Version Manager , there are certain areas in the project configuration that recognize the Universal Naming Convention (UNC).
CMS-XML VM 6.5: 63803: Versioned File Cache Settings.
Selecting a small minimum will load files for initial display faster, while setting a large maximum percentage will maximize scrolling performance. These settings can be modified by going into View | Options and adjusting the two values for File Cache under the General Tab.
CMS-XML About: VM6.5: Unable to delete versioned files from an eXceed window
If a customer is running the unix VM 6.5 from an eXceed 6.1 window and are in single or multiple window, passive mode, they may not be able to delete versioned files. This is because they have VM set to prompt before deleting version files with the VM 6.5 GUI.
CMS-XML VM: PVCS Version Manager WebDAV Server fails to launch due to a JAVA_HOME environment variable being set.
rem if not "JAVA_HOME" == " goto gotJavaHome save the file Tomcat should now use its own java version and launch correctly.
CMS-XML VM - Default version reappears after being deleted from workspace settings tab.
If you have a workspace nested under another public or private workspace, it will inherit the parent's workspace settings. Check the user's current workspace and ensure that the default version is not set in its parent's workspace, etc., all the way to the RootWorkspace.
CMS-XML VM: How to delete the tip revision or a revision with a version label on many files
This is the PCLI commands to use as a workaround: set PCLI_ID=username set PCLI_PR=drivetoPDB:\pathtoPDB
CMS-XML VM: The 'Check tips against version/revision' history report returns 'No history exists matching the requested specifications.' when using Default Revision in GUI or PCLI.
Set 'Test' as default version for the current workspace. Select the project or project database and run Actions | Show History. Set report type to 'Check tips against version/revision'
CMS-XML VM: PCLI script to list all labels for a specific revision for an archive.
The pathname to the project database should be specified in the environment variable PCLI_PR prior to running the script (eg. " set PCLI_PR=F:\pvcs\ vm 7500\ vm \common\SampleDB" or "export PCLI_PR=/usr/pvcs/ vm /common/sampledb").
CMS-XML VM2DM: After performing a migration of data from Version Manager, the history of the migrated items shows the revisions twice.
During this process there are two entries, one for the checkout and the second for an update of attributes. By default, the VCS_ARCHIVE_NAME attribute is set to be stored per revision and to default to specified, which is blank, by default. In turn, the attribute is 'cleared' during the checkout.
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