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CMS-XML VM: PCLI script to find revisions with a specific checkin description
VM : PCLI script to find revisions with a specific checkin description
CMS-XML Checking in a new revision on an unsplit archive at or near the 2Gb size limitation returns error message that VM couldn't create the semaphore
PVCS Version Manager 8.4.3
CMS-XML VM web client users incorrectly get "Could not complete action because the revision is not currently locked by this user" errors during Check In
PVCS Version Manager 8.4.3
CMS-XML Check in comments won't be logged in the revision history for the modified versioned files (for VMINET)
This issue is reported as resolved in the combination: TeamTrack release VersionManager release
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Checking in unmodified item results in new revision in Web client.
In the Web client you will get the message Check In Item - Warning: No library update was necessary since file was not changed
CMS-XML Problem: VMINET 6.x: Radio button 'check in anyway' allows you to check in an older version.
If you select the radio button to Check In if workfile is unchanged, VM I-net will not prompt if your workfile
CMS-XML DIM10: "Check in only changed revisions" is ignored in web client
- Tick option 8 (Check in only changed revisions) and click ok - Log in to the Web Client and check out an item of the item type you modified - Do not modify the file
CMS-XML TRK: 'No such revision' is displayed in change history for PVCS VM information
For example: /TrackerTest2/CVS.Java(Admin, Check Out Rev 1.3, Check In Rev 1.4): Diff : 1.3 to 1.4 No such revision.
CMS-XML VM 8.2.1 no longer fires Unlock triggers when checking in unmodified workfile
As of VM 8.2.1, when "Remove lock on unchanged revision " is selected as a Locking option in Configure Project, Version Manager no longer fires the PreUnlock and PostUnlock triggers for unchanged revisions when developers choose the "Don’t check in " option for "If Workfile Unchanged or Older" on the Checkin dialog, or when they answer "No" to the question "Workfile ... unchanged, check in anyway?"
CMS-XML How to set up associations between SBM records and PVCS Version Manager check in operations
First of all, make sure that the versions of the two applications are compatible. In the Readme assembly under "Installation Information" for PVCS Version Manager (VM), the supported versions of TeamTrack/SBM are listed. The information is also available for recent releases on the Serena Product Roadmap at
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