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CMS-XML Dim10: Hard timeout in Dimensions for Eclipse when uploading project with large number of items
COR4501100E Error: Failed to prefetch multiple files from remote node - a network I/O error occurred. COR4501097E Error: Failed to prefetch multiple files into the UPLOAD file cache. Updating files: 45.666137 sec
CMS-XML Knowledge items in Request Center show as expired after publishing document set to "Does Not Expire"
If you have an expired article in Request Center and you want to change it to not be expired you would click the " Update this article" link. This creates a new item in SBM but due to a defect the new item doesn't copy the "Duration" field over so the new item says "Does Not Expire" basically losing the fact that this item is expired.
CMS-XML CreateFileAttachment on a synchronous orchestration run via mass update times out when run on a state
A synchronous orchestration that does a CreateFileAttachment on a STATE (before) works when they run manually via the user interface however if run via mass update (even with just 1 item selected) then the web service call to CreateFileAttachment attaches the file but the orchestration get a timed message from it and so therefore does not move the item to the STATE.
CMS-XML Sample certificates in SBM expire on 16th September 2017 for SBM versions 10.1.x - you must update to avoid System Failure
Please refer to Solution S142197 for details and how to resolve
CMS-XML HSSO - Hybrid SSO for SaaS environments- cannot logon as getting Untrusted Endorsing Credentials or Failed to verify signature - certificates expired and need updating
(3) If these do not work then you can TEMPORARILY increase the logging level in the file to TRACE for the httpclient per below to get more logging information
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Smart editor fails after timeout/automatic reconnection
A customer is reporting that if a ZMF4ECL Smart Editor session is started and times out (e.g. SDNOTIFY/TIMEOUT=M45) subsequent efforts to save the content to the staging library fail. The transient edit dataset is updated but the contents are never copied back to the staging dataset. A 'Data Set ENQ unavailable' message is issued.
CMS-XML Prompted to login twice when sso token expires.
2. Login 3. Open the submit form for a new item or open the update form for an existing item and let it sit there for a couple minutes. 4. Come back to the browser and click OK or Submit and notice you are forced to login ( Expected behavior )
HTML Serena® Dimensions® RM Version 10.1.1 Readme File Last updated on 19 April 2007
7.25 Cannot Create Collection with Large Number of Requirements without Extending Session Timeout If you create a collection or baseline with a large number of requirements, you may need to extend the RM Browser session timeout. For information about extending the session timeout , see the Serena
CMS-XML Running out of Sockets on the operating system because of Close_Wait or Time_Wait states
The issue occurs because some HTTP requests from clients may include zero-length data in their SSL records. These zero-length data records cause certain server-side variables not to update correctly. If a client closes their connection to the web service and the last packet that was sent contained a zero-length data record, then Http.sys cannot adjust certain necessary variables.
CMS-XML PBROWSE gets 'error in data'
PDS530W This data set is not partitioned PDS180I Data set: CREATED EXPIRES LAST USE UPDATED SECURITY PDS180I 2009/07/02 **NONE** 2009/07/02 YES NONE
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