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CMS-XML Work Center search - re-indexing the same item several times if it was updated several times
Work Center search - re- indexing the same item several times if it was updated several times
CMS-XML Work Center Smart Search - Index update is too slow
In large SBM installations it can take hours to index updated/submitted items. On some occasions, it can be longer than 10 hours. During this time, users are unable to find newly submitted items.
CMS-XML Editable Grid: Alternative "update" transition is not always found
Workaround: Provide an " update " transition (of name and type update ). If you have an "update" transition that is not named "update" or of type update, you can rename and/or change the transition type.
CMS-XML Dim10: EXE file gets updated by Build even though the source has not changed and don't checkin changed is defined on the type
has got the option ticked to checkin only changed revisions." However I cannot find it documented any where that a Build capture ignores the "check in only changed revisions" setting
CMS-XML Restrict by Item Type does not work for mass update
What are the steps to reproduce the problem? Create two items: one of the restricted type and one of another type. Search to find both items and check them Click "update all checked"
CMS-XML How to Postpone Work Center Search Re-Index After an SBM Upgrade
Update the CSVC_REGISTRY table with the values you saved in step 1. (The 'indexupdatetime.txt' record in the CSVC_REGISTRY will no longer be present, so you must add it back). For example:
CMS-XML Work Center search - Full re-index failed for items with projectID = NULL
EXECUTE('SELECT TS_ID FROM [' + @table1000 + '] WHERE TS_PROJECTID is NULL') This can be resolved by updating TS_PROJECTID for items where it is NULL. The can find correct project ID in the following table:
CMS-XML Work Center index giving NullPointerException error and not running for a table nor updating Changed Items - also error: id to load is required for loading
So with the output of #2 we get the TS_ID and TS_NAME of all the possible item prefix values. The output of #1 will give the column (add ts_ to front) in the table where the item prefix value is found .
CMS-XML Smart Search indexing does not complete for certain tables.
As a workaround to this issue look for any users in the TS_USERS table that have a Null or Empty String value in the TS_NAME column and update the record to have a value. You will probably have to do this with SQL in the database itself.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: How to generate and update database statistics used to improve query execution
In order to use the statistics command, log on to a Dimensions server and start at a Windows Command prompt or at a shell prompt (depending on the Operating System of the server you are logged into). At the prompt type :
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