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CMS-XML Email templates missing after upgrade and notifications are sending out emails as though no template exists - Subject: TeamTrack Notification
The actual problem is that when a template is created in the Application Administrator only the database updates are being done. The templates are not written down to the filesystem. On upgrade, a synchronization is performed and the newly created templates will be lost.
CMS-XML Updating email templates without having to recycle the web server.
(1) Modify the Browser E-mail Template using the ODBC TeamTrack Administrator. This setting is located in the TeamTrack Administrator under Options/Manage Services. (2) Select the notification server and select the properties button.
CMS-XML Email notification template isn't synchronized when using Network Load Balancing
1. when they edit Email Template using client PC-C, PC-C’s local disk’s (\\emailtemplate\notificationtemplates) template is updated . At the same time the WebServer-A & WebServer-B’s C’s local disk’s (\\emailtemplate\notificationtemplates) template are not updated. so they waited for a night, but no change.
CMS-XML Deployment of Global process app deletes notification email templates
The template is empty. Modifying it and clicking save is confirmed with the message Template XYZ has been successfully updated . However re-opening this template will confirm that this is not the case.
CMS-XML Notification template use only English language for $STRING tags
We can copy the files to the location that the other tools use, which is AE/bin/TTResourcePackage. The one problem with this workaround is that this copy will not be updated if any strings get changed in the db. 1. Shut down IIS, Serena Broker Service, Mashup Admin.
CMS-XML Include Serena Work Center item link along with User Workspace item link in notification email template
Notifications interface, select SBM Work Center This option is useful if you need to update the link type that appears in your existing notifications because your users are switching from SBM User Workspace to SBM Work Center
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: Using email templates and variables to customize Dimensions email notifications
Note that referencing the attribute with (0) will return the defined prompt for the attribute and referencing with (1) will return the attribute value. Save the updated template , use Dimensions to cause a request to pend for a user and the user should receive an email message generated with the modified template . Using Conditional Logic to Include/Exclude inclusion of template fragments
CMS-XML Configurator does not update axis2.xml correctly if previously configured POP3 ALFEventmanager is disabled
Steps to reproduce: - in SBM Configurator enable and configure the SMTP and POP3 services for ALFEvent notifications and apply the configuration - now disable only the POP3 ALFEvent notification service and apply the configuration
CMS-XML Process the 10.x notification server uses to configure the database from a previous version of SBM/TT
CMS-XML Showing file attachment links in notification email doesn't show all attachments.
1. Set the notification settings to the defaults in the Performance area of configurator to Level 5 and Level 2 2. Create a notification that sends email on update and make sure the $FILEATTACHMENTLINKS() tag is in the email template 3. Create a new item and make the Title = 0 "Just to signify 0 attachments"
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