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CMS-XML Dim10: Very slow performance / hang on initial get / check out / update item
When user tries to get / check out / update item , it takes very long time , possibly 10 minutes or longer . Subsequent file operations run normally. This happens for all users, in all products and worksets, regardless of number of items in workset.
CMS-XML Every time an item is updated, the owner value is removed
The valid owners are configured on the properties for each state. If ownership has not been configured for a state, the value for Owner will become "none" when the item enters that state.
CMS-XML Updated log item name does not reflect correct for the first time
1. Select a Project and go to Risk tab 2. Create two item log for example Item 1 and Item 2 3. Now change the item1 to Itemfirst from Summary tab and save it using the SAVE icon in lower view.
CMS-XML Possible System Hang or performance issue - Using Mass Update will allow the "button" to re-submit the form to post the request multiple times
When transitioning large numbers of items via mass update, it is possible to hit the 'button' and re-submit the form post repeatedly. The more items you are transitioning the more likely you are to this as you will see a longer delay on the form. Hitting this multiple times can cause the system to get all locked up while these multiple requests are going against the same records.
CMS-XML How to update Individual Resource Calendar Information to show Non-Working Time
How to update Individual Resource Calendar Information to show Non-Working Time
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Dimensions CM update for Windows
5.5 Desktop Client 145848 When the design part view was selected, no related items were being displayed and an error message appeared on some server/database platforms. 146066 Selecting the option to edit an item query was taking a very long time to display the required dialog box. 148176 When editing an item which used Microsoft Word as its associated editor, the operation failed if the Word application was already open.
HTML Serena® Dimensions® RM Version 10.1.4 Readme File Last updated on 20 June 2008
3.4 Attribute Summary Table or later, the upgrade process creates an Attribute Summary table for each class. The Attribute Summary tables are critical for high performance. This can take a long time , depending on the amount of data that is in each class.
CMS-XML Revise Item produces unique constraint violation when updating attributes
When using the Revise Item operation and specifying attributes at the same time you get a unique constraint violation as below. UI "TEST:TEST A-SRC;1" /USER_FILENAME="c:\work_area\test.c" /REVISION="2" /ATTRIBUTES=(TEST="Test value") /KEEP Update Item - DBI0004527E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred
CMS-XML Why does the Update transition show in the State Change History sometimes but not all of the time?
The State Change History gives a visual representation of the activity for this item . It shows transitions in a light color and states in the darker color. Under each transition is the name of the person who did that transition.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF100122: SWF command incorrectly updates dates in Item History
Performing a Set Workset Filename command will incorrectly change the date on the most recent item history record to reflect the date and time of the Set Workset Filename command.
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