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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Items Uploaded as Wrong Item Type
When an item is uploaded into Dimensions or added as a new item in the Desktop Client, it defaults to the item type DAT and the item format GENBINARY. Even though the file extension has been defined as a different item type.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect: DEF130461 - Item Type errors creating Virtual items
When creating a virtual item through the desktop client, after entering the owning design part, you can then set the item type and item format. After setting that if you go to the Advanced tab and enter a filename, the type changes to DAT and format to GENBINARY. This is causing issues as users are getting errors saying it can't find the attributes on the item type.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: During Move Item Type (MIT) get error: 2249-Error: Item spec is already used by an existing item
for example, RENAME /ITEMID=QLARIUS:A2340.A- DAT /NEW_ID=A2340X After the rename is completed, the Move Item Type command may be performed again.
CMS-XML DimCM: Error: Action Item - PCC0004599E Error: Cannot find status REJECTED for QLARIUS-DAT
When attempting to action an item from one state to another, REJECTED to WITHDRAWN, the following error may occur: Action Item - PCC0004599E Error: Cannot find status REJECTED for QLARIUS-DAT COR0005178E Error: You cannot action QLARIUS:A550-A.DAT;rev#1 past lifecycle state APPROVED without a request
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: MIP fails if there is another item with the same ID related to a request
1) Create two Items in the same Product, both with the same ids but with different Item Types e.g. SRC and DAT. 2) Relate the Item of Type DAT to a Request. 3) Attempt to move the Item of Type SRC to another Design Part.
CMS-XML Dim CM: How to check the current object type sequence values using the objtypeseq command
CR Type "QLARIUS:MRG", Curr Seq 2. CR Type "QLARIUS:TASK", Curr Seq 17. Item Type "QLARIUS: DAT ", Seq Name "ITEM_TYPE_4213918_SEQ", Curr Seq 3, Actual Sec 1.
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: Error:7037: merant.adm.framework.AttrException: Error: Object type is not supported!DmImport metadata could not be imported.
This error will occur if the Item Type DAT has not been defined within Admin Console but yet exists in the dmdata.xml file after the Transform Stage. There are two ways to fix this error:
CMS-XML DIM10: CRB: PCM0005300E Error: Inconsistent baseline data in database tables
Item type option "3. Auto-generate identifier" should be switched on for the two item types to make this test easier. If this option is already switched on and items with automatic ID's already exist go through the global item catalogue and sort by specification to see which type has the lowest ID count (i.e. A91-SRC might be lower than A210- DAT ) 1. Create an item with a binary item type (which really is a text file - let's call it script1)
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Unable to remove item from Stream after deploying
During the deliver, the following error is occurring: COR3200180E Failed to remove item "QLARIUS:Filename.A- DAT ;stream_main#1.1" from QLARIUS:MAIN-DEV at "src/files": The path does not exist COR3200304E Error: Failed to apply changes to stage DEVELOPMENT in project QLARIUS:MAIN. COR3200300E Error: Deployment change commit failed. COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted.
CMS-XML : Create Item - Error: FILENAME specified should be no more than 240 characters long
CI "MGC:CELLDB CEL.A- DAT ;1" /USER_FILENAME="C:\schemi\10756601\CellDB.cel" /FILENAME="celldb-176543210zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb9876543210zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb9876543210zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb9876543210zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb9876543210zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb9876543210zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb9876543210zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb9876543210.cel-87733349X2756X1" /PART="MGC:BOARD.A;1" /WS_ FILENAME="CellDB.cel" /FORMAT="GENBINARY" /COMMENT="Initial Revision" /KEEP
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