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CMS-XML Unable to change install date if passed and PKG is in a FRZ status is CMNEX001 is active.
If a package frozen with an install time passed, it is impossible for the user to change the date for the package which is frozen. In ZMF under TSO this action is possible if CMNEX001 is active .
CMS-XML Unable to promote trigger with ‘WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE’
The customer is experiencing a problem promoting a certain trigger and is seeing the following errors depending on how they change the trigger : DSNT408I SQLCODE = -199, ERROR: ILLEGAL USE OF KEYWORD T. TOKEN SET WAS EXPECTED
CMS-XML 12.1.x : ADP5000048E Error: Unable to execute ADP trigger, object (QLARIUS_CR_52) wasn't promoted as expected
For example server01-dim12. If this is not correct you can change the value as follows:
CMS-XML Unable to save edited component during shutdown grace period
In the resolution for DEF237064 (Issue saving component when STC has been SHUTDOWN) we fixed the problem where components could not be saved into a package despite the task still being active , albeit with shutdown processing initiated. And this works fine on a 7.1.3 system.
CMS-XML Unable to add Fields via Remote Admin unless 1 field is checked in Edit section
For example, check off " Active /Inactive." You should then able to add fields to this workflow. You shouldn't need to have any fields selected in the Edit section in order to add fields via Remote Admin.
CMS-XML Unable to save changes during the shutdown grace period
CMNR905I Application CMN not active 29,272 occurrences of "CMNR905I Application CMN not active". Recreated on 5.6.0 using SERSUPI9.SER9
CMS-XML FIXPDS RESET reults in PDS831E Unable to open data set or S0C1
CMS-XML Unable to lock component in Active status that was selectively unfrozen
Selectively unfreeze a component, unlock it, and make a minor change so the component is in ' Active ' status. When you attempt to lock the component you get 'Process Error' and the long message 'CMN2775A - Component must be in unfrozen status'. To lock the component you must selectively unfreeze the component again so it is in 'Unfrozen' status.
CMS-XML Embedded reports can't be seen after upgrade if contained in a GroupBox in an inactive tab with Composer HTML5 set off
if (parentTab.length > 0) Replace it with this line -- change highlighted: var parentTab = $frame.closest(".genericTabContent:not(.groupBoxContent)
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:2005-APP_LIMIT_REACHED Sorry, cannot invoke the application requested as the limit on the number of active applications will be exceeded.
A screen shot of the full error message. Note: The error message text in your error may vary slightly from this article.
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