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CMS-XML Promote failed with error "Could not commit JPA transaction"
Could not commit JPA transaction; nested exception is javax.persistence.RollbackException: Transaction marked as rollbackOnly
PDF Serena ChangeMan DS User Guide
releases attaching files 208 branching 140 creating 203 detaching files 207 maintaining 140 modifying 207 promoting 206 rolling back 206 relogin, ChangeMan DS 40 remote commands 446 remote directory browsers failed access to host 344 Remove from source control permission project level 79 removing attachments from projects 86 Audit Trail ... Approval Group 298 See also detaching, deleting replacing text 443 reported problems, grouping 63 reports, See entries Audit Trail, Impact Analysis Request Status icons 100, 357 request transaction (s) created 104 Requested 100, 357 Requested, approval type 237 requester 269
CMS-XML Repeat/Restart of halted or aborted transaction promotes latest file version.
Repeat/Restart of halted or aborted transaction promotes latest file version.
CMS-XML Scratch Table UTLDELTB not available in Demote\Promote processing.
Since ZMF v6.1 a scratch table - UTLDELTB has been supplied at promote time to allow scratch processing. However after successful promotion of a scratch package using this methodology, if you try and apply the same principles to the demote processing of a scratch package, i.e. to be able to restore the previously scratched members from their backups.
CMS-XML ZMF Promote task is stuck in PENDING and not marked as COMPLETE when promotion time in ZMF history equals RLC Promotion task start time.
Create and prepare ZMF Change Package into promotion. RLC: Create and execute Promote task. When the Promotion is completed in ZMF, observe the Promotion task status in RLC.
CMS-XML Not all components marked as 'Overlaid' when NULLFILE shadow libraries defined
Several customers use NULLFILE shadow promotion libraries in a completely valid and supported way, i.e. primarily to avoid unnecessary duplication of data and waste of DASD. However, when promoting like-SRC components in such an environment, only the first output component associated with the SRC is marked as 'Overlaid' in the prior package.
CMS-XML Update Users from LDAP skips deleted users
When performing Update Users from LDAP with "active" and "deleted" users update options checked, users marked as deleted within SBM are not updated as expected.
CMS-XML Frozen Release File(s) In Promote To Production Get Added To Project Automatically
When performing a Promote To Production from a different Production Area than is associated with the project (after the second transaction is completed) the project attachments folder now contains the file(s) from the other production area. Therefore, when you freeze a release, the files from the project get releases as well as unwanted files from a different production area.
CMS-XML Components incorrectly marked as 'Overlaid' when NULLFILE shadow libraries defined
A customer runs multiple remote promote test environments on completely separate, isolated (non-shared DASD) LPARs. The test environments on these separate LPARs use identical dataset names and they define their shadow libraries as NULLFILE.
CMS-XML Packages marked as "Demote completed" after JCL build
1. Conversion from 5.1 to 5.3 is run. Some packages in the conversion are frozen and promoted .
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