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CMS-XML MVR: You cannot access this project because your login account, system, is invalid error in mover activity log
This error usually means the Mover Tomcat services is running as the default ( local System account ) and the VM project is using HostID as its login source. See below for steps to change the account used to run Mover to run as a different user.
CMS-XML MCLG: How to run Collage as a service and deploy to UNC file shares.
The Collage Tomcat service, by default, runs as the local system account . This needs to be changed to run as a named NT account, if you want to deploy to a UNC share on the network. The following steps show how to do that.
CMS-XML MVR: How to run Mover as a service and be able to deploy to UNC file shares.
The Mover Tomcat service by default runs as the local system account which needs to be changed to run as a named NT account if you want to deploy to a UNC share on the network. The following steps show how to do that.
CMS-XML MCLG: How to install and uninstall the Collage services
NOTE: The Collage Tomcat service by default is installed to be run as the Local System Account . It may be necessary to run Collage Tomcat as a named NT Domain account (see S114327 for more details). Open the properties of the Collage Tomcat service before uninstalling and look at the "Log On" tab to verify what account is being used to run the service. After installing the service again with the following steps you will need to adjust the "Log On" account again to match the original settings.
CMS-XML SQL Server Windows Authentication login issue when SBM is configured to use Windows Authentication and SSO
indows Authentication succeeds if you use built in accounts such as NETWORK SERVICE or LOCAL SYSTEM for the Tomcat identity.
CMS-XML Work Center gives error "Unable to load initial data", Repository gives error 500
If you are using Windows Authentication for database access, you will need to configure SBM Tomcat service with the logon account instead of using Local System . Upgrading SBM will re-set the Tomcat service to use Local System by default.
PDF Installation Guide and Configuration Guide
Tomcat Log On Identity – By default, the SBM Tomcat uses the Local System account . Similar to the DefaultAppPool identity, this account is used for Windows authentication unless you change it. Note the following important information: ▪ If you select Windows Authentication, the Local System account is used to connect to the Tomcat databases, and automatically granted the required Tomcat file system permissions once you click Apply in SBM Configurator.
PDF System Administration Guide
The HP Fortify SCA expert may fail to analyze .NET solutions when Tomcat is run as a Windows service that logs on as the Local System account .
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Access to this project has been denied because your login account username> is invalid
To see what really caused the error, it is necessary to turn on servlet debug-logging. This is done by editing $PCMS_ROOT/DimINet/jakarta- tomcat /webapps/dimensions/WEB- INF/web.xml file, and changing the value of the "debug" init-param from "false" to "true". When Tomcat is restarted this will cause a file called $PCMS_ROOT/DimINet/jakarta- tomcat/logs/dim_servlet.log to be created.
CMS-XML DA: Unable to connect to DA following a change of Oracle password for the DA schema. ORA-28000 found in the Tomcat log.
// number of times specified by the user's profile parameter // FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS, or the DBA has locked the account // *Action: Wait for PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME or contact DBA
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