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CMS-XML IIS 8.x rejects client certificates (or Smart Card) with 403.7 or 403.16 error (Login page gives "Transport error: 403 Error: Forbidden")
... caused by a certificate that is not ... --> Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store. ... -signed) certificates to the Trusted Root certificate store every time ... ... Instead, these certificates should have been ... in the Intermediate certificate store. ... If the intermediate certificates are in the wrong certificate store, you ... ... non-selfsigned certificates from the Trusted Root certificate store to the Intermediate certificate store: Select the Certificates snap-in ... ... Computer) \ Trusted Root Certification Authorities \ Certificates . ... looking for any certificates where the " ... ... Right click the certificate and chose to ...
CMS-XML Composer error - connection attempt failed. Could not connect to the Repository. Please check that the connection settings are correct. The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.
This error usually happens when the client machine being used doesn't have the Tomcat/JBoss used by SBM in it's trusted root authorities certificates . If you use the sample certificate in configurator on your SBM server this will most likely happen.
CMS-XML Client Certificate Authentication adds intermediate certificate to the Windows Trusted Root store
After applying Configurator, it is necessary to open the Certificates snap-in and remove the all certificates that are not self-signed from the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store. Open MMC. Start > Run > type: mmc Go to Add/Remove Snap-ins
CMS-XML HTTPS error when connecting in Composer or Connection attempt failed.
... should present a Certificate ... this website's security certificate ... bar, a Certificate Click the Certificate ... choose "View Certificates ". ... " field and make sure it says " ... ... using the sample certificates supplied with the ... ... supplied their own certificates those certificates need to be trusted and give no ... ... Download the attached certificate ... the "Install Certificate " button. On the Certificate Import Wizard that opens, ... ... "Place all certificates in the following ... to the " Trusted Root Certification Authorities " store. Click "Next >" and "Finish" and confirm that you want to install the certificate Click OK twice to finish the wizard .
CMS-XML Meritage -Meritage fails when Tomcat is configured to accept SSL connections only.
4. Restart the application server to initiate the new certificate . ... 6. When the Security Alert comes up select View Certificate 7. Select Install Certificate on the Certificate dialog. 8. Click Next in the Certificate Import Wizard . 9. On the Certificate Store page set the radio button for "Place all certificates in the following store" and Browse for " Trusted Root Certification Authorities ". ... cannot be validated . Click Yes to accept the certificate . ... 16. If an SSL project does not exist create a new one then test it to ensure this has been successful.
MS-WORD Dim 14.2 with SBM SSO Checklist.docx
From the Content tab, select Certificates . Verify that the Root is in the Trusted Root Cert Authorities tab and Intermediate Certification Authorities are in the Intermediate Certification Authorities tab.
MS-WORD SSL Certificate with own CA Certificate with SBM SSO Server.docx
From the Content tab, select Certificates . Verify that the Root Certification Authority is in the Trusted Root Cert Authorities tab and Intermediate Certification Authorities are in the Intermediate Certification Authorities tab.
HTML Serena Business Mashups 2008 R1.03 ( Release Notes
Single Sign-On: SSO Is Able to Use Trust Certificate Chains The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature of Serena Business Mashups makes it possible to validate a user's credentials against a security certificate . You should be aware that SSO is also able to follow a chain of trust certificates , in which the certification authority certificate is at root and chained certificates are deployed.
PDF Serena ChangeMan Conversion Guide
Certificates are issued by a Certification Authority (CA) ... Some trusted Certificate Authorities are ... ... • Secure Solutions Experts http:/ ... ... valid, a certificate must meet the ... ... CA must be trusted . ... public key must validate the CA’s signature on the certificate . ... name on the certificate must match the ... Without a trusted signed certificate , data can ... check out To copy a ... See also certificate , SSL. ... are made to ensure that quality has ... ... key and a certificate . ... the server is trusted . ... server is not trusted , client disconnects ...
PDF Serena Deployment Automation User's Guide
... Government, its agencies and instrumentalities is ... ... . 123 PKI Certificate Parsing .. ... ... Configuring Polling for Certificate Revocation Lists . ... Configuring PKI Certification for Agents ................................................... 131 ... REST-style services achieve statelessness by ensuring that requests include all the data needed by the server to make a coherent response.
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