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CMS-XML DimCM: Unable to log into DMCLI
2019/02/28 13:31:18.751000Z 0.300000 0.003000 T132-AT poollogger: log: E: GetUserHandleEx/LogonUserW: Logon failed for user dmsys and domain <none>. (1385: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer .
CMS-XML How to configure Version Manager to use a single license per user when users simultaneously login from multiple workstations
As of VM 8.6.2, Version Manager defaults to using a single license per user ID, regardless of how many workstation the users logs in from. VM 8.6.1 and older default to using one license per- user per-host, so the same user trying to simultaneously login from two computers (e.g. end-user workstation and test lab computer ) requires two licenses. This document shows how to change the default behavior for VM 8.3.0 and newer.
CMS-XML Log in fails for peadmin on Win2K Installation - Invalid XML payload
On computers that are running Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) and earlier, a user right is not required to impersonate a client. Therefore, some programs that use impersonation may not work correctly after you install Windows 2000 SP4.
CMS-XML Trying to create investment with IRP page but it looks like it hangs and investment never gets created or asks you to login again.
Trying to create investment with IRP page but it looks like it hangs and investment never gets created or asks you to login again. ... When trying to create a new investment via an IRP page after you click submit the form never loads and the corresponding investment doesn't get created. ... Event Type : Error ... User : N/A Computer : MARINER
PDF Serena ChangeMan DS Integration with IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer
• If deselected, users have the option in the server login dialog to request that login information be saved on the local computer . If users do not check this option at login for a particular server, they must type their password each time they connect to that server.
CMS-XML The request failed with HTTP status 404: Object Not Found.
... in the application log on the Portfolio Edge ... User Message: FatalWebException ... ... Message: The request failed with HTTP ... ... IP address localhost does not know which IP ... If you do not want the Portfolio ... For example, to not use localhost, but to use machine network name " computer 01" the entry would look like: ... "Server"=" computer 01" This registry entry is required on all the machines where the admin module is installed
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: SQL: User cannot see valid relationships for particular change doc type.
The problem may be caused if relationships exist with objects in other products that have been deleted. To find out if this is the case please make sure you have a current backup of the basedb, logon to SQL*Plus as basedb and run the following statement: select obj_product_id from cm_valid_rels where obj_product_id not in (select product_id from product_catalogue);
CMS-XML In Requests tab of Request Center you see "Sorry, you do not have permissions to see the results of this report" when you first login.
If you did step 1 then make sure the user you're logged in as has permissions to the report you chose in step 1. You will have to check the permissions in the classic SBM interface.
CMS-XML SDA: When running a process user does not have permissions to execute the process request
When trying to identify a missing privilege for the execution of a request, it is helpful to have the user attempt to run a request. After it fails, log in as Administrator or another highly privileged user and view the request history. The history will often contain an error message stating what privilege was needed to perform the operation.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: User allowed to unrelate request even though he has no role on project
4) Logged in as FRED, try to relate request C to project B (which FRED has a role on). The operation will work, and the desktop console records a successful RWCD operation for the request to project B. There are no details of an XWCD command against project A recorded.
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