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CMS-XML (Notifications) Record %ld, in Table %ld could not be found.It could be that we were evaluationing the TeamTrack change history in the middle of submitting this item.
Workaround: Create a fake rule which has relational field referenced in sub-relational field, with the restriction that condition should have any comparison operator except the following: " Changes ", " Changes To", " Changes From", "Added", "Removed". e.g. Create a fake rule similar to: Sub-relational Field Contains "anything"
CMS-XML OK button not functioning on custom edit form for Contacts table - contact record cannot be updated
Issue can be worked around by using a quick form instead of a custom form or by removing the User Name field from the custom edit form.
CMS-XML The 'user name' record could not be updated in the 'Users' database table
This is the message that appears if the user makes an error when trying to change the password
CMS-XML Notification events for archived items give Application Log error: "Record xx, in Table xxx could not be found"
Action: Send email Escalation Termination Rule: Any item I submitted changed to inactive Repeat every 5 minutes.
CMS-XML Agile: The record being edited is not selected by default following changes
Open a Sprint Backlog on the Planning tab. Set the grid mode to Table . Click on a column to change the sorting so items are ordered in some other than default.
CMS-XML How can I ensure people don't submit duplicate auxiliary records to an aux table?
Click the Refresh tab. Uncheck the "On Page Load" option, and check the "On Data Change " option.
CMS-XML Problem: #1098: Record id 0 is not a valid id for database table 22000 when updating an SCR
Once the Form mode has appeared, modify the SCR Update Form. When the Modify Form dialog appears, you should note that the items under the Selected Fields:
CMS-XML SBM Script - TS_UserSettings table does not update until after an IIS reset
The changes made do not take affect until the web server is restarted. Attempts to create records in the CacheActions table to force a read to the table does not work. The expected result is that fields modified by script changes should be updated without resetting the web server like any other script modification.
CMS-XML Problem: #1174 Data loss in changes table
The user of the losing transaction is sent an error message informing them of the problem and telling him to retry his update. In the case that the update in question is the change record, the user will be unable to re-try, since the update comes from within Tracker and is not under user control. The result of this situation is that the SCR in question may have already been updated, but no change history record will have been kept of the update.
CMS-XML MCLG: Changed asset deploy is generating assets it should not generate
This way, when a changed asset deploy is run later, Collage can quickly know all of the dependent assets that also need to be deployed. The problem is that records are always added to this table but never removed. This causes the list of dependent assets to continue to grow even after dependencies no longer exist.
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