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CMS-XML VM: PCLI - The project root could not be loaded: "ProjectDBPath" -or- The project root could not be loaded: ""
VM: PCLI - The project root could not be loaded : "ProjectDBPath" -or- The project root could not be loaded : ""
CMS-XML VM:VSS2PVCS: Error: The project could not be loaded "<Project Name>"
** Enter the path to the VM database where the converted archives will be placed: The response to this should be the full path to the root of the project database.
CMS-XML VM on UNIX should not read .islvrc and servers.ini files as the setuid user
"The project root could not be loaded " (Due to File Server being unknown.)
CMS-XML Software Error: PVCS Answerline #746 Associating a toolbar buttonwith an executable in root fails
the association with the button is c:test.bat when it should be c:\test.bat. This is also true of trying to set a project configuration
CMS-XML File Server Admin page fails to load with HTTP Status 500 error
) for servlet ServletName is not a valid Serena VM project database or root file. Because all servlets were deemed invalid, the web.xml file that was generated by the tool did not contain any servlets, which has the same effects as not defining any servlet.
CMS-XML Using PCLI commands in an UNIX Environment (Slashes or Backslashes, which do I use?)
I am attempting to use PCLI commands on my Linux box. When I issue my command PCLI returns an error “The project root could not be loaded ” but if I issue the very same command on my Windows machine it works. Why?
CMS-XML How does Version Manager locate a File Server / How to configure File Server access without using the Desktop Client GUI
This article also explain how Version Manager determines which File Server(s) it needs to communicate with, which may help to resolve "The project root could not be loaded " type error messages that only affect a limited number of systems or users of a File Server.
CMS-XML Error communicating with file server "http://ServerName/serenafs/FileServer;": A Zlib error occured.
12:09:20 Jun.14.17 [Error] The project root could not be loaded : "PDB_Path ".
CMS-XML SBM: Workcenter takes a very long time to load, sometimes more than 30 seconds
The root cause of this problem appears to be the 1000s of projects /sub- projects that are loaded repeatedly. Future versions of SBM will optimize the SQL query and also load the list of projects into cache for faster loading
CMS-XML Open PDB - File Server list is empty
This affects all VM clients. Lacking a correct servers.ini configuration, PCLI clients will report "The project root could not be loaded " error when trying to pass a File Server based PDB path.
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