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CMS-XML SDA: Incremental import of TFS-SCM not working
SDA: Incremental import of TFS -SCM not working
CMS-XML DA Upgrade on Windows may move the Deployment Automation Server directory
DA Upgrade on Windows may move the folder "Deployment Automation Server" to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\.This folder contains only a small amount of information, the wsdl for SBM integration, the TFS integration files and the DA war file.
CMS-XML Further failures in library scan processing
Reporting customer already has the fix for DEF246029 (ZMF Scan is not equal to SRCHFOR ISPF function.) installed and is now encountering further search issues using the ZMF library scan utility. For example, searching for the non-case sensitive TB7976- TF -PSY string in a specific member fails to locate it:
CMS-XML StarDA CICS dump shows nothing in "CURRENT COPY OF COMMAREA"
Command: Scroll: PAGE V:630 Job:CICSTB App:CICSTB Code:APPL Trn: TF 31 Pgm:DDC010C Date:04/28/2005 - Transaction Storage-user31 - Address 23b0a840 To 23b0abff Length 000003c0
CMS-XML MCLG: Try to edit an asset in collage and nothing happens or a javascript error pops up Line 1450 java.lang.nullpointer exception
This happened when the tf _loc file in the c:\temp directory of the client box was set to read only. you would also get this if the user only had read only access to the c:\temp folder for some reason.
CMS-XML DM_MAILS is not updated after upgrade
"%DM_PROG%debugmail.bat" -h "<mail.server>" -f "<emailaddress>" -file "%%s" -s "%%s" - tf "%%s" -cf "%%s" -bf "%%s"
CMS-XML DimCM: DM_MAILS: What do the new parameters in the DM_MAILS line in the dm.cfg file mean?
DM_MAILS "%DM_PROG%pcmsmail.exe" -h "<mail_host>" -f "<tool manager email>" -file "%%s" -s "%%s" - tf "%%s" -cf "%%s" -bf "%%s"
CMS-XML DimCM: Email: Email notifications rejected by email server after upgrade to Dimensions 14.x
DM_MAILS "%DM_PROG%pcmsmail.exe" -dt -h "<mailhost>" -f "<sender>" -file "%%s" -s "%%s" - tf "%%s" -cf "%%s" -bf "%%s"
CMS-XML MCLG: About the Collage work directory and other Preference options
First, Collage reads the c:\temp\ tf _loc file on the client machine. It is a binary file, and it cannot be updated manually. The work directory is stored in this file. When you change the work file location (Preferences | Workstation), this file is updated with the change. The user must have at least read access to this file.
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