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CMS-XML Send Test Email fails in Configurator
Send Test Email fails in Configurator
CMS-XML Email submit gives error ""Email Message: Test Email was deffered, since content type is text/html"
Email submit gives error "" Email Message: Test Email was deffered, since content type is text/html"
CMS-XML Dim12: How to test null value in an email template
In the email _template, how can we add a condition so an attribute doesn't display if there is no data? trying this :
CMS-XML Unable to send email from Mariner / Agile test message button or stop getting email notifications and reports.
You may get errors like below in the Application Log of the Event Viewer on the Mariner / Agile server which results in email notifications no longer being recieved. Event Type: Error Event Source: Pacific Edge Software
CMS-XML Read timed out Error message for MailClient email submit : ERROR ForkJoinPool-1-worker-1 2018-10-23 19:18:38,129 [notificationsrv.MailSubmitParser.MailClient] -- MailBox: "mailboxname", Could not create item "test item" at project "Projectname". Error: Read timed out
If the ns.log gets the following error message when processing emails then you need to increase your Web Services Invocation Timeout in Configurator for the Common Options in Mail Services:
CMS-XML Dim: Email Notification Getting Started Tutorial
This document describes a simple email notification scenario that can be implemented to test and demonstrate email notification within Dimensions CM. Step 1: Configure the email sender mechanism Step 2: Configure the email notification mechanism
PDF Serena Deployment Automation SDA 6.1 Email Plugin
Table of Contents Introduction 3 Step 1: Download the plugin 3 Step 2: Install the plugin 3 Step 3: Create a generic process to test the plugin 4 Step 4: Run the EmailTest process 7 SDA 6.1 EmailClient PluginTutorial
CMS-XML Pending Approval Emails Not Being Sent Out
Web client using POA, "Pending Approval" emails are not being sent out. I was able to receive 2 pending email notifications during my testing , but I would say 95% of the emails were never sent out.
CMS-XML Duplicate notification emails
The customer was a TeamTrack administrator and had entered her own e-mail address in other user accounts for testing purposes. This would explain why only some notifications were being duplicated. Usually, if we receive a report that notifications are being duplicated, we find that the customer is running multiple notification servers on different machines.
CMS-XML Dim 10.1.3 Email - Problem with displaying PRODUCT.
Got all the request templates tested and they all work but pending. turning on debugging there is no error just the product variable returns nothing. DMEMAIL: Symbol PRODUCT, type 0 occurs 1 DMEMAIL: ...Value is ''
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