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CMS-XML Trying to test connection in Composer and get Connection attempt failed when "Use Secure Connection" is selected.
Make sure the Port value is the jboss https port as specified in the Configurator tool. By default this is set to 8243
CMS-XML SBM Configurator returns the misleading error "Connection failed" when SLM is using a fixed port
When you click on " Test connection " an error displays " connection failed ". Despite the error message, everything is working as expected.
CMS-XML TRK: Tracker Inet Configurator gives 'Failed on connection string' message after selecting ODBC driver and entering database ID and password
3. Test for a connection using the System ODBC driver from within the Tracker Admin program on the web server. (Create or edit a Server definition and verify the user connection within the Server definition.) The values for ODBC driver, database user id, and password should display by default in Tracker 7.x.
CMS-XML SBM Configurator cannot perform License Server Test Connection on SLM quorum or single SLM server with port number
then the Test Connection link on the License Server page of the SBM Configurator will consistently give the error Connection failed , even though the SLM server(s) can be accessed fine.
CMS-XML SBM: SQL Server using Windows authentication fails with "OpenEx failed with connect string"
Configurator is able to " Test Connection " but users are unable to connect . The following error is found in the event viewer:
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5 database upgrade fails with "unable to connect to database"
In SBM Configurator , the " Test Connect " button will test correctly. However, when clicking the Upgrade Database link, you will get error:
CMS-XML Connection to Oracle fails in Configurator when using Update From Database
If you attempt to connect to the an Oracle database using different user accounts on separate SBM servers, the Update From Database operation fails, and an error appears.
CMS-XML Test Connection on the endpoint gives error "Connection failed", even when the URL is valid
Firewalls: Because the test is run from the Repository server, the repository server must be able to access the server/port from the URL. If there is a firewall preventing the Repository server from connecting , the test will fail .
CMS-XML "Failed to contact Authentication Service", Repository Runtime Server URL is blank; gsoap gives 404; sbminternalservices72 gives 404
If the gsoap URL does not test connect , open the Configurator on that SBM server and go to the Security screen. On the Secure SSO tab, scroll to the bottom and look for the value in the "SSO URL Overides" section called "Application Engine Web Services". Copy this value and try it in a browser.
CMS-XML SBM: Users get error "InitExtension Failed" and "License server could not be contacted"
When connecting to the APLS, you must enter the connection URL in SBM Configurator on the License Server page. However, if this URL is entered with a trailing slash, SBM will not be able to connect . The " Test Connect " link inside Confgurator will work, but SBM Tomcat will not be able to connect .
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