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CMS-XML Line breaks in notification templates are translated into
which causes rendering issues in Outlook
Steps to reproduce: - create an email template with style HTML content at the beginning in Source view: - set this template to be used for a notification and trigger the notification
CMS-XML failed to render tag "CHANGES" with parameters "[]" for template
The issue is unrelated to the template which is what the error message seems to be suggesting. The issue is related to the sequence of the notification rules conditions and if this sequence is modified , whilst preserving the rule logic, the error message goes away.
CMS-XML Custom branded logo does not render correctly on the Workspace login page unless original dimensions are used
Open the following htm template file in your SBM installation directory for editing: ...Serena\SBM\Application Engine\ template \loginform.htm Find the following code:
CMS-XML Mashup Composer editor for Custom Transition Forms doesn't render HTML properly
Mashup Composer editor for Custom Transition Forms doesn't render HTML properly
CMS-XML SDA: Rendering of the Configuration tab can be very slow
The time to populate the Configuration tab (under Management) can be very slow with little way to filter the results.
CMS-XML Large images don't render in pdf widget.
In the more recent releases you can enable Rich Text to render in the pdf widget field. If you attach an image who's size exceeds the height or width of the field in the pdf template then the image doesn't show at all. When you open the pdf template itself you can type as much as you want and it auto extends but when used with the pdf widget it doesn't and you're limited to images that will fit in the initial size of the field
CMS-XML Line breaks not rendered in PDF widget for memo field if content was submitted via plain text email
Steps to reproduce: - Add a PDF Widget to a state form and make sure the PDF template contains the memo field - set up email submit for this project and map the body to the Memo field
CMS-XML Emails from an item in the End User Workspace do not render HTML
If you send an email from an item the End User Workspace and it does not render the HTML then please check in the Notification Server properties in Configurator. Specifically, check that the Browser E-mail template is an html one i.e. .htm.
CMS-XML SBM E-mail Response Failed to Render Tag Error
ERROR QuartzScheduler_Worker-32 2017-01-06 14:02:02,487 [com.serena.sbm.ns. templates .FileTemplate] -- failed to render tag "EMAILRESPONSE" with parameters "[Approve,Email]" for template "default.htm"
CMS-XML HTML is not being rendered in the notification for sub relational fields.
>>> example notification email where HTML not rendered: Notification Template : $BEGINSUBJECT() Jamie Account Authorization for $FIELDVALUE(SBM_NAME) $ENDSUBJECT()
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