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CMS-XML SBM System Administrator gets error "Protocol error in TDS stream"
When attempting to access the User Workspace, the web site never loads. The browser may spin forever or stop trying. We did not confirm, but accessing the Application Repository will likely experience similar issues.
CMS-XML SBM System Administrator: unable to start Mail Client and Notification Server remotely
This is a permissions-related problem. If you are not able to stop /start the Mail Client and Notification Server remotely (even though the SBM privilege is granted), try adding the IWAM_ & IUSR_ accounts to the Administrators group and grant permissions for the Broker Service and IIS.
CMS-XML Launching SBM System Administrator or SBM Login Screen give error "InitExtension Failed" "License Server XXXX could not be contacted"
On the Serena License Manager machine, in Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services, verify that the Serena License Server service is running. If the service is running, try stopping and restarting the service.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: When logging into Command Center, an error of Cannot login due to system error please contact system administrator occurs
The dimensions server name should be something similar to the following: dimensions.server = myservername Once the file is modified, stop Serena Common Tools or Tomcat and then restart.
PDF SBM System Administrator Guide
All errors and Web service invocation faults are recorded to the Event Viewer on the SBM Application Engine Web Server. Additional error handling may occur as follows: • Pre-Transition, Post-Transition, Pre-State, and Post-State – Invocation failures cause the transition to fail, and users are returned to the Transition form and an error displays at the top of the form.
PDF SBM System Administrator Guide
States are positions that a primary item resides in while moving through the workflow. States can also be considered a stopping point along a workflow’s path. States are created for workflows in in SBM Composer, but some configuration settings are applied in SBM System Administrator.
PDF SBM System Administrator ガイド
8. 【OK】をクリックします。 9. 「On Script/Web Service Failure (スクリプト/Web サービス失敗時)」エリアで〈Retry Every(再試行間 隔)〉チェックボックスを選択し、通知サーバが通知を再試行するまでのサイクル数を入力します。 10. 〈Quit After(終了条件)〉チェックボックスを選択し、通知サーバがメッセージの通知を再試行する最大回 数を指定する〈attempts(試行)〉ボックスに数字を入力します。メッセージが正常に送信されると、通知 サーバは通知の再試行を停止します。デフォルトで、通知サーバは一度だけ通知を送信します。通知サ ーバに通知を再試行させたい場合は、〈Quit After(終了条件)〉チェックボックスの選択を解除します。
CMS-XML Import users from LDAP in Application Administrator can cause IIS to hang if Refresh button under Find Candidates section is clicked too many times
Using the SBM System Administrator to perform the LDAP import will not encounter this issue.
CMS-XML Audit Failure, DB Query Start Time Not Set
Open SBM System Administrator Click on the Display tab Uncheck the box "Allow Users to run simultaneous Reports and Searches".
CMS-XML Error "LDAP bind authentication failure with Search Authority: 49 Invalid credentials"
In older versions, this can be found in SBM System Administrator under Tools > LDAP Setup, General tab. The field name is Admin DN and Password.
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