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CMS-XML Notifications repeat every 5 minutes until Notification Server is reset
Notifications will send out repeatedly every time the notification server cycles (usually every 5 minutes) if the TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS and TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES tables are set to cache into memory. Restarting the Notificaion Server will stop the messages, but as soon as more notifications are generated, the new messages will repeat .
CMS-XML Creating Repeating Notifications
area, select or create a rule that stops the repeated notifications from generating. In the example above, the Termination
CMS-XML DIM10: How to stop email notifications for pending items on Windows server
2a) Locate the line that starts with DM_MAILS and make a copy of it immediately below the line that current reads DM_MAILS.
CMS-XML If you stop the Notification Server in the Configuration Utility, it will not process notifications until JBoss is restarted
If you stop the notification server only via the "manage services" tab in the configurator then when they select "start" the Notification Server will not start processing notifications. Reproduce as follows: (1) Check the Notification Server working and sending emails
CMS-XML Notifications stop working due to UUU (Unicode Upgrade Utility) accidentally being performed on 6.6.x database.
If this happens, for the notification issues, and any other potential issues that may occur, it is critical that the customer get the data types back to varchar and text. This can be done by creating a new blank database, and using the 6.6.x admin tool's copy wizard to copy the database into the new blank database, then reset the ODBC connection and IIS to start using this new database, and only leaving the old database active for historical purposes in case anything was missed during the copy process.
CMS-XML Problem: #1064 Users stop receiving In Tray or E-mail notifications
3. Determine how the project was originally created. Is the database a copy of a pre-existing Tracker 3.0 database? If so, are the user id's that were copied from the original project the only users experiencing the problem?
CMS-XML ns.log gets duplicate key error when processing a notification "Duplicate key"
After making the change via the database you have to restart Tomcat for the change to take affect. Simply stopping the Notification Service and starting it again won't do it.
CMS-XML Problem: Notify is sending duplicate messages and is not sending all of the messages.
Notify stops scanning a project when it finds a user who needs more messages sent than what the settings specify in SEND AT MOST in the Notify Options. Notify also does not increase the NFYTID field in the trkusr table for that user so that when it scans the database again the next time it sends out the same messages and then quits again. (i.e.
CMS-XML WSAD: Copying frozen release To Local Workspace With "\" "/" In Name gives errors
Fixed in DS 5.7.1 If release name contains forward slash "/" or backward slash "\", then user will receive dialog indicating error adding projects due to invalid character and will be notified to use 'Add to Workspace As'. If Add to Workspace As is used, note displays that slash is invalid character
CMS-XML Notification Server does not reset Start Date with last time service was running
When the notification server stops the Start Date is not updated with the last time the notification server was running as it did in previous versions. To reproduce the issue, stop the notification server (NS), restart JBOSS and NS, see that the start date does not change or get updated and the actual Start Time is the current time.
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