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CMS-XML Utility to update the SSO (Serena Single Sign-On) certificates used by PVCS Version Manager
certificate in SBM, referred to as the 'Serena Version Manager Server' certificate for the PVCS VM Secure Integration . This certificate only affects Visual Studio RIDE and Eclipse RIDE integrations with Version Manager, using Server-Side Processing. (If you do not have VM Desktop clients using these integrations you could skip updating this certificate, unless you want to silence SBM Configurator warnings that the certificate is about to expire or has expired.)
CMS-XML DimCM: SSO: How to create standalone SSO certificates for Dimensions CM and establish a trust with the SSO Server
o For example, on the SBM SSO Server, copy the file to C:\temp\DimCerts. Within the SBM Configurator, go to Security > Secure Integrations . Select Dimensions CM from the Select an Integration pull down menu. Then using the links for the Trusted Certificate, select Import Certificate and then browse to the cm.pem file location to import.
CMS-XML Enable Third Party Integration with HSSO and Serena On-Demand
The suggested setup is use Serena Hybrid Single Sign On ( SSO ) and to protect the Serena Federation Server with your authentication provider. An authenticator agent will need to be installed on the Apache Tomcat server. Here is an example authentication senario.
PDF Installation Guide and Configuration Guide
In the Secure Integrations tab, you manage security for integrations with other Serena products that use SSO such as Dimensions CM, Dimensions RM, and PVCS VM. SBM has a trusted relationship that is established with these different servers for them to work with SSO . This relationship is established using certificates that are generated by or for these other products. SBM is installed with sample certificates; however, Serena recommends that you replace the default SSO certificate for these integrations to improve security.
PDF Installation Guide and Configuration Guide
Secure SBM integrations that use SSO . For more information, see Securing Integrations [page 160].
CMS-XML SBM SSO SSL Integration with Version Manager - Configurator will not take certificate
Once a self signed certificate is added to the Security - SSL Integrations section in configurator you can not over write it again later using Configurator.
CMS-XML Get "SSO Access Denied" error running SBM to PPM integration with SSO enabled.
If SSO is enabled then the following steps need to be done in PPM. Open the Setup | Configuration | Envrionment Settings | Integration Settings screen. Click the "Enable Serena Business Mashups Security Authentication" check box
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: RM/CM Integration: Web client unknown project error occurs when viewing RM requirements
Steps To Reproduce Configure RM/CM Integration Enable SSO on CM server Associate RM Project to CM Product Associate RM Collections to CM Project Log in Web Client and expand Requirements part (to manage requirements) Unable to manage requirements User can see "Unknown Project" line only.
CMS-XML VM with SBM 11.7+ SSO: DaemonServer crashes using VM I-Net Web Client or RIDE with server-side processing
When a project database uses an SBM 11.7+ based SSO server for user authentication, attempts to get or update a file from a Web Client, or from a RIDE integration using server-side processing, will cause the client to hang or fail because the DaemonServer process on the server crashes. Affected operations include: Add Files
CMS-XML Version Manager SSO: Default Certificates for STS, GATEKEEPER and VMSERVER expire starting June 13th 2015
and the SSO Server(STS) Detail points to an SBM SSO server, this article applies as well, though it only impact users of Version Manager Eclipse RIDE or Visual Studio RIDE integrations . If the configured Login Source is not SSO/CAC
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