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CMS-XML Separate the repository DB from the runtime data (issues)
to: <connection-url>jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<machinename>:1433/ Repository </connection-url> where " Repository " is the name of the database you wan to store the Mashups in. You will need to go into SQL Server Enterprise Manager and create the Repository database.
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DM Migration does not work when used in parallel or in splitting a large migration
java.sql.SQLException: Failed to start database 'dmimport', see the next exception for details. Error:7064:DmImport cannot connect to the in-process local state repository (Derby databse). at org.apache.derby.impl.jdbc.SQLExceptionFactory.getSQLException(Unknown Source)
CMS-XML What are the caveats of moving PVCS VM File Server repositories from SAN to NAS
Avoid distance between the VM server and the NAS. Having them in the same data center is fine, but try to avoid splitting them between data centers that are (far) apart.
CMS-XML How to rebuild the Application Repository database
USE CASE 1: Splitting the Repository to its own database. If you want to rebuild the Repository database but the Repository tables are stored inside your Runtime database (or other databases), follow these steps. Take notes about existing configuration.
CMS-XML Utility to help identify split archives affected by DEF177435 - Possible data loss when enabling GENERATEDELTA on split archives with branches
(*) Could become corrupted when the File Server is not running VM 8.3 or newer. In the output above you can see that revision 1.10 in the file binary2.bin is almost guaranteed corrupt, whereas revision 1.1 in file binary3.bin is still OK, but could become corrupted if the VM release running the File Server serving up this repository is older than What to do with revisions that the utility has classified as being possibly corrupt?
CMS-XML Deployed On/By values under Deployments tab in repository is not specific to each environment
When you deploy applications to different environments, in the repository , the values in the Deployed On and Deployed By columns under the Deployments tab for each environment does not uniquely record separate values for deployments made to that particular environment. It only records values for the last deployment made to any environment and that information is the same regardless of what environment you're clicking on.
CMS-XML Notification From e-mail address in Configurator is missing value if Application Repository is on a different server
Steps to reproduce: - in Configurator configure Application Repository on the Components Tab to be on a separate server - go to Mail Services > Application Repository and Event Manager and enable Use SMTP Mail Server for the Event Manager and Application Repository
CMS-XML About the Application Repository component and database (How to manually remove the Application Repository component)
What components are installed on my server It is not sufficient to have the Application Repository component listed on a separate server under the Components
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.1 Hotfix 5: Incoming emails not saved as note; Oracle expression error; Mail Client with Exchange; Repository fail to start; Missing transitions; Rich Text; Multi-user field; Creating Service Request; SRC Mobile submit
DEF323034: User/group select fields list users/groups as comma- separated line instead of as a dropdown DEF320793: Unable to add new Service Requests in SSM DEF323036: SRC Mobile unable to submit; error "You must specify a projectID, tableID, recordiD and recLockID as parameters"
PDF SBM Application Repository Guide
Robin decides the team needs a staging environment so that users can test and accept changes to process apps. She follows the steps outlined in SBM Installation and Configuration Guide to install the SBM Application Engine component on a separate server machine and configure a database for the staging environment.
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Dimensions CM: Comparing files (demonstration)
This Dimensions CM demonstration shows you how to compare two item revisions in the repository, and compare an item revision in the repository with a file in a work area
Dimensions CM: Viewing work area and repository changes (demonstration)
This Dimensions CM demonstration shows you how to use the Windows Explorer integration to view the changes made to a work area and a repository.

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