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CMS-XML Cannot submit CMNAS000 with an 8 character userid specified in the PARM field
Cannot submit CMNAS000 with an 8 character userid specified in the PARM field
CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Reported Defect: VM2DIM: Problem during the import step when the Dim user specified is not dmsys
If you specify a user that is not dmsys an error message occurs on 'Dimensions import' step: "The user < USERNAME > is not defined" The user is defined with all necessary privileges in Dimensions.
CMS-XML SLM: There is no way to specify port number when setting email Admin notifications
field in the Notification tab. You can also specify whether or not SSL needs to be used, and provide a username and password for SMTP servers requiring authentication.
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Permanently failed loading native library (path\vmi660.dll The system cannot find the file specified)).
When accessing the VM I-Net Web Client in Version manager 8.4.5 and newer, you may run into this error: This error is derived from a file called .serena.vm.applet.config located in the users home directory (e.g C:\Users\ username
CMS-XML URL in Windows Application Event log contains URL with % replaced by "The system cannot find the file specified"
An example is below: The following request from user ' username ' >at address '111.22.333.44' has been active since 07/03/2012 04:52:25:
CMS-XML Error: Cannot find license file. (-1,359:2 "No such file or directory"): FeatureName (UserName)
is required. However, the " No such file or directory" error indicates the @ sign is missing from the license server specification, causing the SLM client to look for a file by the server name that is specified instead.
CMS-XML Dim8: Entry in item history for UIA /ORIGINATOR does not show the correct username
The item history still shows the USERNAME column as being the originator of the item, rather than the user that actually ran the UIA command. Actioning the item after the UIA shows the correct USERNAME in the item history, but running UIA /ORIGINATOR again (changing the <user> specified ) still uses the "original" originator's name in the item history.
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: Error:7021:User name in configuration file does not match Product Manager's name in XML file -or- Error:7021:Illegal entry for : process_revisions
The first one refers to settings that should be generated by the Migration Console based on the Dimensions user name specified in the migration designer. Make sure that there were no errors during the Transform phase. If none were encountered, some files have most likely been corrupted.
CMS-XML 12.2.2 / Windows 2008 => DMPOOL Error : StartUsrProcessEx/LoadUserProfile: Failed to load user profile. (2: The system cannot find the file specified.
The solution was to backup all data in “%SystemDrive%\Users\ UserName ” or just rename the folder with .bak at the end. (if this is the first time you try to logon with this account there will be no folder with this username.). Then start the registry editor and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList here you will find all user SID’s logged on to this RDS server.
CMS-XML PVCS VM: You cannot access this project because the LDAP User DN or Password is incorrect, or the Server cannot be reached as specified.
Access to this project has been denied because your login account, username
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