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CMS-XML VM 8.6.1+: SourceBridge from VM I-Net Web Client cannot handle Item Id values that are not unique
The new (Java Applet-less) SourceBridge interface for the VM I-Net Web Client introduced in VM 8.6.1 cannot handle Item Id values that are not unique. When bringing up the Associate Issues dialog, the list only shows the first entry of any collection of items sharing the same Item Id value.
CMS-XML SourceBridge Web Client - Unable to make issue associations from VM I-Net Web Client when using Serena Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Internet Explorer
Due to a bug in Internet Explorer (IE) involving the loss of cookie data (as demonstrated here ), using Associate to link a Check Out or Check In to an issue in SBM may fail when it is performed from IE in a configuration that uses SSO. When this happens, the Java console shows Unknown MIME type "text/html;charset=UTF-8".
CMS-XML RLC JIRA Software Plugin: When associating JIRA issues with Release Control requests, the Total Items value may not match actual number of issues returned or the Result Limit value set in the JIRA plugin configuration.
If you set the Result Limit in the JIRA plugin configuration in the Release Control Provider Administration page to a value that is higher than the maximum allowable value set in the JIRA property, your search results will be truncated, and the Total Items value will not match the number of issues displayed.
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Cannot associate item from Add Files in web client when the browser is using a non-English locale
This is a defect in Version Manager, scheduled to be fixed in VM 8.2.1. To work around this issue , please do the following: Windows:
CMS-XML Issue a message when the TCPIPORT member (#SERx) is not updated with port map data
The reason for starting with an empty TCPIPORT dataset is to cause Sernet to build a new #SERx member each time the task starts. The #SERx member contains the TCP/IP port map for the associated started task. As this task may move lpars occasionally in their environment, they prefer to cause the #SERx member to be created upon each task startup.
CMS-XML The SourceBridge Web Client fails to associate issues if SBM has a User session time-out value defined
Action completed with warnings. See details below for more information .
CMS-XML VM: $Log$ not updated with assocation information from Sourcebridge when using VM I-Net
Description: VM 8.4.x and SBM 2009 R4.x - $Log$ keyword expansion does not include SourceBridge association information when using VM I-Net Steps to reproduce: a. Enable "Show issue association dialog on checkout" b. Include $Log$ keyword in workfile with keyword expansion enabled c. Checkout and associate with change request in SBM d.
CMS-XML Error serializing activated issues/Error deserializing activated issues error messages while trying to associate an item in TeamTrack or SBM in IBM Rational Application Developer
There is an issue between the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) used in IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) and the Serena Version manager IDE plugin. In RAD, when you try to right click a TeamTrack/SBM item and choose “Add to active list”, the error “Error Serializing Activated issues” is shown: The error “Error Deserializing Activated Issues” is also seen when trying to open RAD:
CMS-XML DMCM: Cannot see items in-line within the Web Client
This issue occurs because the formats are not defined and associated with the appropriate item -types in the Data Formats and MIME types section of Admin Console. Doing this will resolve the problem.
CMS-XML XML service CMPONENT SERVICE SCRATCH does not issue ‘CMN2265A’ message.
In ZMF when a scratch request exists in a package, and you attempt to scratch the same component in another package you get the short message ‘ INFO ALREADY EXISTS’ and the long message ‘CMN2265A - TEST already has scratch/rename info associated with it in TEST000001’. Using XML service CMPONENT SERVICE SCRATCH you are allowed to create the second/duplicate scratch request,
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