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CMS-XML SerenaLicenseServer.log not logging when mail server is down
If the Serena License Manager is configured to notify someone of critical errors and the SMTP server is down, license logging is suspended during the period that the mail server is down.
CMS-XML ERROR -- Failed to send notification email to recipient < email address >: Could not connect to SMTP host: localhost, port: 25
You may see the following error in your deploy log even if you deploy was successful, ERROR -- Failed to send notification email to recipient < email address > : Could not connect to SMTP host: localhost, port: 25
CMS-XML Dim: Mail: Debugging communications issues between pcmsmail client and SMTP mail server
Sometimes when Dimensions email notifications are not being received by subscribers, the problem is the communications with the SMTP mail server or new or existing email policies being enforced by the SMTP mail server. The dmemail log files will not contain any errors or problem descriptions for these types of issues.
CMS-XML TRK:  How to troubleshoot Notify SMTP problems
So, if you set TRK_MAIL_ LOG _MODE=15 it will log all the communications, successful and unsuccessful. (1+2+4+8). Make sure after one mail is sent, you stop and grab this file as it will get huge quickly.
CMS-XML SMTP E-mail Configuration Tips.
Any errors the teamtrack Mail Service detects, as well as start and stop notification events, are recorded in the Windows NT Application Event log (or, on Windows 95, in a file at the root of your boot drive called "TTEvent. LOG "). If mail is actually sent or attempted to be sent, this event info is written to a file on all operating systems called TTMAIL.LOG - found in either teamtrack's \BIN directory, or in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or \WINNT\SYSTEM32.
PDF Build Logs
• Send Email Use this Build Job Activity to send emails when Build Jobs are being executed and to specify whether Build Jobs succeed or fail. For this Activity to work properly, the KB server needs to be properly configured to interact with a SMTP server, please see the Development Guide 131
CMS-XML ALFEventManager.log error if Event Manager email settings are partly configured
- Use POP3 Mail Server for the Event Manager - Use SMTP Mail Server for the Event Manager and Application Repository If only the SMTP server is ticked and configured the following error messages are logged in the ALFEventManager.log file
CMS-XML SBM: Notification email are not sent. Log gives " No route to host: connect"
javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host: smtp, port: 25;
PDF Administration Guide
However, since the email login and password used to log into the SMTP server are encrypted in the web.xml file, you must use ompw to update the login and password parameters of the web.xml. See “Modifying the SMTP Server or Email Configuration Using ompw” below for more instructions on using ompw.
PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager WebDAV Server Implementation Guide
Version Manager properties 26 WebDAV properties 20 SMTP settings, notification log 24 subprojects 17 subscribe using WebDAV Server 11
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