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CMS-XML TSV license error if concatenate SLMs and specify port number and one slm down
If you concatenate SLMs in your license options e.g. slm 1; slm 2 then if slm 2 license manager is stopped or machine shutdown you can continue to get licenses from slm 1. BUT
CMS-XML SLM: There is no way to specify port number when setting email Admin notifications
There is no way to specify an alternate SMTP port when configuring email Admin notifications in the Serena License Manager .
CMS-XML SBM Configurator cannot perform License Server Test Connection on SLM quorum or single SLM server with port number
port@server (e.g. "27000@or- flexlm "), or if multiple SLM servers need to be specified to connect to a 3-server SLM quorum, using the syntax: port@server1,port@server2,port@server3
CMS-XML Dim 12: Specifying port number in license server string during installation creates incorrect entry in dm.cfg
When installing Dimensions and specifying a license server that runs on a specific port (e.g. the license server is specified as <port>@<server>), then the resulting dm.cfg entry is updated so that DM_LICENSE is incorrectly set, i.e.: DM_LICENSE @12345@myserver This is incorrect, and requires manual editing post-installation.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How can one force the TCP Port used by the SLM?
In the example below, the port is currently random how can we force it to be a fix port number ? 11:03:38 (lmgrd) Done rereading 11:03:38 (lmgrd) FLEXlm (v9.2 ) started on ………….. (IBM PC) (11/17/2005)
CMS-XML SBM Configurator returns the misleading error "Connection failed" when SLM is using a fixed port
SBM Configurator returns a misleading error when the license server string includes a port number , like 27008@ServerName , which is necessary when the SLM server runs on a fixed or non-standard port.
CMS-XML SLM: Servers in triad configuration fail to start with error: Missing Port on Server line , exiting.
As of SLM 2.2.0, each SERVER line in the license file needs to end in the TCP/IP port number that the lmgrd process on this server should use. See the section How to install the license key in KB doc S129439 for more information.
CMS-XML SLM: How to access the Serena License Manager through a firewall / What TCP ports are used by the Serena License Manager?
By default, the lmgrd server will listen on the first available port in the 27000-27009 range, which almost always results in it using port 27000. The merant vendor daemon gets assigned a random port number , chosen by the operating system at run-time.
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager TCP/IP Port Number List
SLM - License Manager Ports from VM Desktop Client and VM Application Server Default Port Number Description
CMS-XML SLM: Certain clients sometimes/consistently cannot connect to the License Server, especially from remote locations
Specify the port number on the affected clients. Instead of just specifying "ServerName
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