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CMS-XML Multi-User and Multi-Group fields in SLA Clause Qualifying Conditions don't return any values
Multi-User and Multi-Group fields in SLA Clause Qualifying Conditions don't return any values
CMS-XML SLA Clause: Qualifying Conditions are not being saved when user leaves page using breadcrumb
Adding a condition and parenthesis will loose parenthesis after saving. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Log on App Admin -> Projects -> Edit any project -> SLA.
CMS-XML New duplicate SLA created when SLA becomes unbound (no longer satisfies qualifying conditions) and then you transition to satisfy qualifying conditions again and immediately add an attachment
e.g. beware of using Active/Inactive as a qualifying condition as if it moves to an inactive state and then is transitioned to an active one then this condition could occur if an attachment is added.
CMS-XML Example for using SLA details in SBM reports via Advanced SQL Conditions
There is often a need to use Advanced Query to show listing or distribution reports than utilitise the SLA information: SQL SERVER Example: Items that violated their SLAs in the last 30 days by user To achieve this you can create a distribution report with the row by the necessary user field and using the Advanced SQL Conditions for SQL Server to filter similar to below:
CMS-XML SLA not start if the condition satisfied via field override
If you have an SLA condition that a field is a particular value and that value was set on going to the start state via a field override then the SLA will not get activated.
CMS-XML SLA Widget has incomplete or missing or blank or empty information if an SLA becomes unbound because the conditions become false
If the conditions of an SLA become false then the SLA becomes unbound and the SLA is marked as an exception (in SLA_ITEM) The SLA .log contains the following message: INFO 20-09-2012 10:34:47 [ChangeActionProcess] -- SLA item with id = 77 became not bound with SLA rule with id 78, marking as exception
CMS-XML SLA does not become unbound if update transition and conditions changes
(1) Create an SLA and then create an item with conditions that satisfy the SLA e.g. Title contains "Hello" (2) The SLA starts (3) Update the item using "update" transition and remove the satisfying condition for SLA eg. remove "Hello" from the title
CMS-XML SSM 3.0 delivered with broken SLA clause
The clause is in the Incident Assignment SLA and is called "test clause". It has no " qualifying conditions " configured which is why the error occurs and cannot be saved until this is fixed.
CMS-XML SLA incorrectly started when it shouldn't have been on closed items
(3) Create an item and take it to completed ensuring that you select the Contact created in (1). (4) Now create an SLA with start state of New and End State of new and qualifying condition using the project name. (5) Delete the user in (1) and their contact record and the item created in (3) is updated so the contact is removed (correct) but checkout the SLA widget - the SLA has been activated and is "LOW".
CMS-XML Missing condition for SLA clauses - NOT and Not Equal
If the field that you wish to do this for there is a relational field there please see a tip below which will make this easier. (1) Create a new selection field in the aux table named SLA for example and then assign appropriate selection values to identify the SLA e.g. SLA 1, SLA 2 (2) Populate the new SLA field in the aux table for all the records according to those you wish to follow the same SLA
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