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CMS-XML How To: Using VAX as a file server for PVCS Solaris or PVCS NT
will not be able to create or delete semaphores and the error "Cannot create Semaphore" or "File is in use..." will be displayed. 2) Make sure that there are no VMS ACLs on the VAX directories that is set to PROPAGATE (meaning it will give the
MS-WORD The Comprehensive Guide to Troubleshooting “in use” Errors
DO NOT manually delete semaphores from the file system (i.e. outside the Version Manager File Server Admin page) if the File Server is running, unless specifically directed by Support. Doing so will result in a discrepancy between the in-memory view of semaphores and those existing on disk, results in clients reporting the same error even though the file is gone.
CMS-XML How To: #614 Error Messages following PVCS_E_CANT_DELETE_SEMAPH - PVCS_E_SCRIPT_NOT_
Cannot delete semaphore file. For file semaphores , make sure that you have \
CMS-XML VM: Diagnosing a 'File in Use' error in Version Manager
Look at the semaphore suffix (go to Admin | Configure Project | Miscellaneous | Semaphores ). Are there semaphores with that suffix in the semaphore directory?
CMS-XML Error: Cannot delete Access.db semaphore
Christopher Rollo PVCS Answerline Keywords: UNIX, semaphores , access database
CMS-XML Semaphore for ACDB update operations is not deleted on the File Server if the ACDB file name does not end in .db or .acd
Edit the group to which the user in step 3 belongs to - click Apply and OK. Check File Server Admin tool "Status" page for semaphores - it is not deleted. Also, if "Auto create users" is enabled for this PDB and a new user tries to access the PDB, that user may get the error message:
CMS-XML [Warning] The maximum number of open files allowed has been reached
To avoid this problem, please clear out stale semaphores for ACDB files as soon as possible. Users of the Version Manager File Server should use the File Server Admin web page for this purpose. Non-File Server users can clear out the stale semaphore files from disk.
CMS-XML How To: #1523 Directories to Check for Common " Cannot Delete/Create" and Other Errors
The directory where semaphores , files used while updating the archive, are written. Use Project / Configure Project / Semaphores. If there are no directory specified, Version Manager will use the archive directory.
CMS-XML How to enable soap debugging to troubleshoot File Server issues
stat=2 etag=C^N#RoV]W\O lock=\\vmfs\One\archives\ls.txt-arc- sem A get
CMS-XML Version Manager Internal Processing Error Codes / DTK Return Status Values
/* OS/2 semaphores under */ /* DOS) */ #define PVCS_E_CFG_BAD_CONDITIONAL 62 /* Syntax or logic error */
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