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CMS-XML Using Embedded Report widget in IE 8 or 9 with no html 5 shows strange box and doesn't allow selections after upgrade.
After upgrading from to you can't select items using the Embedded Report widget that uses the Relational Grid option . Along with not being able to select items there is an extra box that gets drawn on the form now. This behavior is with IE8 and IE9.
CMS-XML Composer report definition against auxiliary tables fails at runtime - relational grid widget and embedded reports - ERROR: We're sorry, but the last operation caused an error
Newly-created relational grid widgets and embedded reports that point to auxiliary tables return an error in the browser after a process app is deployed. Note that this does not apply to widgets created before the upgrade to 11.1.
CMS-XML Relational Grid Widget - "Report is not defined against expected table" when using a Report Reference
This is setup in Composer without any problems, unless the Relational Field points to a table that is outside of the current ProcessApp. If that is the case, then you will see an error message as above :
CMS-XML Rest Grids do not work with Sub-Relational fields in 10.1.2 (Example: PDF Widget)
2. Have a form (Submit form) on A process app with RestGrid that uses Sub-Relational field as a parameter 1. Try to submit an A item . 2. Start RestGrid
CMS-XML PDF widget clears field values on items
A PDF widget on a custom transition form will cause fields (user, selection , and relational ) to have their values cleared when the fields are not on the custom form and the transition is completed by clicking the OK button.
CMS-XML Embedded report widget with editable grid shows no items when use scroll bar
There is no data displayed in editable grid when used as an embedded report and set to use the scroll bar. Only header and footer and no items displayed.
CMS-XML Problem with REST Grid Widgets under 10.1.3
If you are using the RLM Rest Grid widgets and change the option from the supplied " Grid " to "Tiles", you may see no data and possibly some JavaScript errors like below. table.rows[0] is undefined unable to get property 'style' of undefined or null reference
CMS-XML Where Used search on single relational or user field incorrectly finds empty stings in scripts and widgets
- go to Data Design, right click on the single relational field and select Where Used - leave the default options and click Find Expected Result:
CMS-XML Form action for when widget data is available does not work with REST Grid Widget on modern forms
When a form action is set up to execute when widget data is available for a REST Grid Widget and the form is a modern form (legacy mode is not checked), the form action does not execute.
CMS-XML Item opens in User Workspace mode from a Work Center dashboard widget summary report
Add a summary report with the 'Additional Option ' 'Include Items ' checked , to a dashboard widget If you open an item from this report by clicking on it, the item will open in the User Workspace mode and not in Work Center mode.
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