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CMS-XML Override History Flag not working as designed for User Options.
In ZMF4ECL 8.1 there is a new Override History Flag. This seems to work for the PROC and LANG as they get protected when this flag is unchecked, however the User Options on the next screen are not protected and can be changed.
CMS-XML How To: - VMINET 6.0: Setup VM Server to use the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) with JavaWebServer1.1
Once a certificate has been created the JavaWebServer should be started with the '-ssl' flag : <JWS_ROOT>\bin\httpd -ssl
#Nimi Secured flag (true of false. will be update for both Execution Server and Agent. must be aligned between these components)
PDF Serena Release Automation Installation and Administration Guide 3.3
#BRANDING TYPE true (for branded company) or false (for Nolio) nolio.branding$Boolean=true #Communication Secured Flag 0 - None,1- Secure nolio.comm.conf.type$Integer=0 #Just for Windows - VISIBLE for ALL User sys.programGroupAllUsers$Boolean=true #JustforWindows- STARTUPMenu sys.programGroupDisabled$Boolean=true #JustforWindows- STARUPMENUNAME sys.programGroupName=Serena #Additional Branding FLAG sys.component.28932$Boolean=false
CMS-XML DM_NO_DEPLOYMENT_REGRESSION does not detect branches
The flag DM_NO_DEPLOYMENT_REGRESSION is supposed to protect customers from loosing changes in their deployment areas. It works fine when the pedigree of the files being deployed are in a straight line (e.g. it does detect that revision 2 should not overwrite revision 3). But it does not detect when revision 2.1 is overwriting revision 2.2 (when the two files are branched from one-another) the changes in revision 2.2. are lost.
CMS-XML HTTP 403 and 401 errors when subscribing Jenkins to an Event Service
CSRF protection flag set in Jenkins Administration.
PDF PVCS Configuration Builder Reference Guide
... opening 489 excluding from scan lists 394 including 227,228, 230 initialization 234 intermediate 239 overriding classification of 325 referencing with a system macro 434 scanning for include statements 393 specifying with wildcards 183, 474 swapping memory to 290, 291 temporary 445 write- protected 240,246 _FirstTarget system macro 432 flags 185 -# :see -Diag @ :see -Include -A :see -All -All 35 arguments for 186
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF106123: dm_make INTELNT compile error with VISUAL sTUDIO 2005
The /D _CRT_ SECURE _NO_DEPRECATE flag is required only when using Visual Studio 2005
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... :' are flagged by ModSecurity OWASP ... ... , domain, secure ) { document ... ... ;// flag implicit means to ... ... :' are flagged by ModSecurity OWASP ... ... { scope. flags .masstrans ... !scope. flags .masstrans; ... (scope. flags .masstrans) ... $scope. flags ... $scope. flags .massTransCheckAll ... $scope. flags .ord) ... $scope. flags .ord ... $scope. flags .unord) ... $scope. flags .unord ... $scope. flags .accepting) ... $scope. flags .reset
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... / delete unneeded flags and accumulators; ... Based on the flag status of pin ... ... set the tracker flag at the graphic ... ... //Set flag to false ... //Set flag to true ... value into the flag ... - // Flag to indicate whether ... ... //Set flag to true to ... ... /Set found flag to true to ... ... //Set flags pertinent to zero ... ... *// Flag to keep a ... ... //Set flag to false ... //Set flag to true ... value into the flag ... + // Flag to indicate whether ...
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