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CMS-XML Advanced Lookup Tool and Searches Against Owner Field
Advanced Lookup Tool and Searches Against Owner Field
CMS-XML In global Search, the Submitter and the Owner field should not list all the users.
In global Search , the Submitter and the Owner field should not list all the users.
CMS-XML When creating a report, you cannot use secondary owner in the search specification.
The search specification area of a report in 10.1 will not allow you to select .
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:2319-IOP_OWNER_PART_NOT_FOUND Error: Could not find the Design Part to be used for role calculation for %s %s
/var/adm/messages file (Unix Only) Oracle alert log Please answer these questions about the problem:
CMS-XML It's not possible to localize Owner: "ME" string
It's not possible to localize "Me" string in search results for SRC/Requests and SRC/Approvals results.
CMS-XML Cannot create report filter with secondary owner set to (Current User)
It is impossible to create a Search Filter for a listing report featuring a condition based on a Secondary Owner field set as " Secondary Owner contains any (Current User) ". If you do this as soon as you save the report this condition is reset to " Secondary Owner contains any (None) " .
CMS-XML Delegation for Secondary owner does not work properly
New items submitted, while delegation is active, work OK . So, the secondary owner can find new items in the SWC search. However, the items which were moved to this user via delegation cannot be found via SWC search
CMS-XML Preview of Advanced Distribution Report drilldown shows incorrect results when using a search filter
To reproduce: (1) Create an advanced distribution report e.g group rows = owner , group columns = state (2) Add a search filter which will change the results e.g. Project does not contain "Project x"
CMS-XML Reports: Values in Search Filter conditions are removed after a Promote
3. Go to the Search Filter tab | select “Use Basic Conditions” and add the conditions below - Owner contains any <current user> - Secondary Owner contains any <user name>
CMS-XML Performance Impact When Using ID Search on Large Databases
Remember that secondary owner permissions can also cause the problem. If all users have the ability to “view” items as a secondary owner privilege, and this is set at the base project level, users will experience the problem. For example, if your system has 5000 projects and all users have the secondary owner permission to “View” items in every project, the ID Search function must access every project to look for items.
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