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CMS-XML KM-DIM12: Desktop Client Find operation with no Product/Project selected takes a very long time to complete
The workaround is to select a product and project. If the aim is to find an object across all products and projects then $GENERIC:$GLOBAL should be chosen.
CMS-XML Submit into the Problems table may take considerable time when many folders exist in a Linux environment.
We found that if you have many folders under the Folder tab in the TeamTrack Administrator, and if you attempt to submit into your Problems table, the Submit transition may take a while for it to complete .
CMS-XML Data reporting error within the RTO when a BACKUP has completed.
When the backup had completed the SSM RTO carried on recording the updates, but the timestamps for the above job are record incorrectly as they state 9.46 which is the time after the backup finished and not when the update took place. See below:
CMS-XML SERXMLRC may complete with return code 8 if stem variable not suffixed with period/dot/full stop/.
On more than one occasion customers upgrading from CMN ZMF 5.5.2 or earlier to 5.5.3 or later have reported unexplained return code 8 errors from their custom SERXMLRC-based procedures. Research has shown that one potential cause is the failure to suffix their stem variable allocations with a period /dot/full stop (i.e. '.'). Whilst this was incorrect it appears to have been acceptable prior to the release of CMN ZMF 5.5.3.
CMS-XML DEF270811 - the fix allowed for use of MaxRelationalSelectionList to cater for people who need a large relational list and cannot/will not allow searching, but is not complete
If you select a valid value in a relational field and that related item later becomes inactive AND the number of items exceeds the value in the above setting, then the value will be cleared from the field the next time it is displayed on a form where it could be updated. The only way to restore this value is to allow searching for the relational field, which will require changing the option in Composer and redeploying.
CMS-XML Smart Search indexing does not complete for certain tables.
INFO 09-01-2014 09:35:16 [IndexerProcess] -- Start index creation for table USR_TEST(1000) DEBUG 09-01-2014 09:35:16 [IndexerServiceImpl] -- GetNextItems tableId: 1000 lastId: 0 returned 16 Items in 13 millis. INFO 09-01-2014 09:35:16 [IndexerProcess] -- Indexer process 80 finished ( time : 0 secs)
CMS-XML Marking a task complete comes off the current timesheet with no time submitted
If you mark a task complete with no time submitted the task should remain on the current timesheet but just be marked complete. This would allow you to recover from a mistake or put time against it later.
CMS-XML Dim2009: How to obtain a timed trace of Oracle queries to locate and tune specific problem queries
Now the user runs through the problematic, or slow performing set of steps in the client, admin console or other Dimensions tool. After the user has allowed the client to complete the steps so that the client is ready for the next command, disable the tracing (to close the trace file) Using the same login as in step 4 (either SYS or SYSTEM) and the same sid and serial# as in step 5,
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.5+: Disable Returning Attachments in Work Center Search Results (How to turn off Smart Search indexing for attachments)
After an upgrade, the indices are rebuilt automatically when JBoss/Tomcat is started. It could take a considerable amount of time for the re-index to complete and performance will be very slow until it finishes . You could turn off the indexing until a time better suited to wait for this process.
CMS-XML Tasks marked complete show back up on timesheet when task plan published again.
Notice the task goes away from the timesheet that is good. If you click into the next time period the task is still gone which is good. Click on User 2's timesheet
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