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CMS-XML Truncated ICPY records cause various abends.
We have recently seen problems being caused by the truncation of ICPY record blocks. The problem has been reported on both 5.3.6 and 5.5.0 and in all cases the truncation occurs at the same offset within the block. The way in which the problem manifests itself vary but include:
CMS-XML truncated line number in the difference report
CMS-XML How To: Extracting time values from Tracker records using Report Assistant with Oracle
This modification uses to_date function to convert the integer value in x22 field to an Oracle date format, then converts the result to a character datatype using to_char function with HH:MM:SS format. Running a query on the resulting ChRqTsample table will display the test_time in the HH:MM:SS format. Roman Shimanovsky
CMS-XML Change Proposal gives error "'Impact Analysis Report Data' Field in PROP_1234 was 146843 characters too long"
The customer has change proposals in SSM with many records impacted. In one example, there were 302 records impacted and the users could not approve the change due to the error above.
CMS-XML Reports using xml/report template incorrectly encode special characters (double encode)
but the & is also being encoded, which means the ampersand actually looks like & Steps: 1) Make sure you have a record with an ampersand in the title field.
CMS-XML Last character of dataset /file name is truncated by CMNBAT10, when it ends up in col 80 of the AGETRANS record.
When the HFS path name / member name combination, is a length such that CMNBAT10 creates an AGETRANS record , where the last character ends up being in COL 80, the last character of the component name gets truncated . CMNBATCH subsequently fails with:
CMS-XML STR: For a new record, PEDIT truncates to the last nonblank byte.
If a user sets the last byte to nonblank after typing in several blanks and hit the ENTER key, then subsequently sets the last nonblank byte back to a blank, the record will remain the same length. This is because PEDIT will not truncate ending blanks of an existing record. Refer to the example below.
CMS-XML The LIST command overlays blank characters with data from previous record.
The LIST command overlays blank characters with data from previous record .
CMS-XML FIND command gets PDS876E A directory record has an incorrect length (not 256 characters)
FIND command gets PDS876E A directory record has an incorrect length (not 256 characters )
CMS-XML 2nd Import does not update records when using a Unique Identifier of Character
When you run an import for the 2nd time to an aux table and have a unique identifier of character the import may seem to work but have not updated any rows. Subsequent imports using this import set will always fail "Killer Import Error: generic import, character matching: Duplicate destination keys not allowed. Recreatable as follows:
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