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CMS-XML If you reimport or delete and recreate the sbm web services you do not get the new methods
Workaround: Save new version of the wsdl by doing the following: 1) Save the wsdl under a new name (something that doesn't end in " sbmadminservices 72.wsdl "). 2) Delete the existing sbmadminservices72 web service from the orchestration.
HTML SecurityProcessNavigator 2009 R4 リリースノート
Application Engine Web Services API の改善点 sbmappservices72.wsdl:この WSDL には一般的なアプリケーション開発者のための方法が含まれています(SecurityProcessNavigator のアイテムを処理するためのすべての方法を含みます)。 sbmadminservices 72.wsdl :この WSDL にはプロジェクトの作成やユーザ権限の取得など、タスクの管理方法が含まれています。
PDF Web Services Developer's Guide
• http://serverName:aePort/gsoap/ sbmadminservices 72.wsdl Setting Up Microsoft Visual Studio To create applications that interact with the SBM Web services, you must upgrade Visual Studio and then set up Web service stub files.
PDF Web サービス開発者ガイド
SBM Web サービスは、2 つの異なる WSDL ファイルで定義されています。SBM Web サービスと対話するアプ リケーションを、これらの WSDL ファイルからコードスタブを生成できる IDE 内に作成できます。スタブファイル は、次の URL にある WSDL ファイルを使用して作成できます。 • http://<serverName>:<aePort>/gsoap/sbmappservices72.wsdl • http://<serverName>:<aePort>/gsoap/ sbmadminservices 72.wsdl Microsoft Visual Studio のセットアップ
CMS-XML SBM Webservices calls don't work since upgrade to 11.0 - C# and PHP code generators produce different client-side code for SBM 11 web service definitions (wsdl files)
Generate client code for C# client using sbmappwebservices 72.wsdl from SBM and using sbmappwebservices 72.wsdl from SBM 11. This is also true for the other sbm webservices wsdls.
CMS-XML Server.log error "Failed to obtain DB connection" and "Connection refused" and "Could not retrieve datasource" and "Destroying connection that could not be successfully matched" and "Connection error occurred" and "Destroying connection that is not valid"
/sbmappservices 72.wsdl }AEWebservicesFault,message=org.jbpm.bpel.variable.exe.MessageValue@6048e738[type=org.jbpm.bpel.variable.def.MessageType@52443eea[name={http://localhost:80/gsoap/sbmappservices 72.wsdl }AEWebservicesFaultFault],parts={fault=[AEWebservicesFault : null]} ],message detail=<?xml version="1.0"
PDF Serena Development Manager 4.0 Web Services Reference
This web service also uses sbmappservices 72.wsdl . For details, see the Serena Business manager Web Services Developer's Guide
PDF SBM Orchestration Guide
To do so, right-click the Web Services heading in App Explorer, and select Add New Service. In the Web Service Configuration dialog box that opens, navigate to the sbmappservices 72.wsdl file, and then click OK.

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