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CMS-XML How to setup and use Java VisualVM to troubleshoot, take snapshots and monitor SBM Tomcat nodes
If CPU and/or memory issues are suspected in SBM Tomcat then Support may need you to collect some information from Java VisualVM in order to identify the root cause. Please find attached a document on how to do this. IMPORTANT:
CMS-XML SBM: Error "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" when indexing many PDF attachments
When there are many PDF attachments, the search indexer may using more and more memory on the server until SBM must be restarted. Errors you may see in the logs include:
CMS-XML Out of memory exception in the ...application engine\log\sso-gatekeeper.log file Error: Exception thrown from SSO Gatekeeper java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Backup and then edit file C:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \ApplicationEngine\alfssojavabridge\javabridge_config.xml Increase <MaxHeapSize>128m</MaxHeapSize> to< MaxHeapSize>256m</MaxHeapSize>
CMS-XML A service step with Dynamic endpoints can use excessive JVM memory
CMS-XML Error when starting the Application Engine: Unable to initialize ALF SSO library: 'Error while creating JVM: 'Not enough memory to load JVM''
(1) Does IIS have applications/programs other than SBM running or installed. If so then there is not enough left for SBM.
CMS-XML Recommendations for Tuning Tomcat Memory Consumption and SBM Performance
rem Enables CMS call :set_XX_ java _opts "+UseConcMarkSweepGC"
CMS-XML SBM/RLC is running out of disk space, running out of memory, becomes slow and must be restarted several times a day, ZMF tasks are getting "stuck" at In Progress
Console.log gives "insufficient memory" errors: # There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. # Native memory allocation (malloc) failed to allocate 32744 bytes for ChunkPool::allocate
CMS-XML SBM: Login screen shows error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded"
The root cause of this is the JVM on the Application Engine machine. To prevent the errors, increase the memory by editing:
PDF Orchestration Scaling and Design in SBM
• Payload based throttling – When a Web service returns payload data, that XML data is loaded into the JBoss server memory. If the amount of data is excessively large, it can exceed the limits of the underlying operating system and JVM , causing out of memory errors. Because the amount of data returned cannot always be known during the design of the system, SBM offers payload throttling to address this problem at runtime.
CMS-XML Relationship service will not start - message in Configurator - SBM Relationship Service Database failed to start in the allotted time period.
There is a java .exe for JBOSS which typically has a large amount of memory (leave this as is). If you have other java.exe then it is possible one of these is the process that has become disconnected from the service. You can either ending the process or restart the server to resolve the issue.
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