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CMS-XML Minimal set of permissions required for database users in SBM
SBM 2009 R4.02
CMS-XML SBM 10.x database upgrade to SBM 11.x: ZMFPackageServices.wsdl gives error "s4s-att-not-allowed: Attribute 'defaut' cannot appear in element 'element' "
SBM 10.x database upgrade to SBM 11.x: ZMFPackageServices.wsdl gives error "s4s-att-not- allowed : Attribute 'defaut' cannot appear in element 'element' "
CMS-XML Minimum privileges required for the Microsoft SQL user to the SBM database
What are the minimal set of Microsoft SQL permissions the database user needs in order to be able to do all one needs for the end users of SBM? For information about Oracle permissions , see KB S133641 .
CMS-XML After altering SBM templates and using the "Put Files to Database" option in System Admin, how do you see changes without restarting IIS?
Open the following url in a browser with your sbm server name in the url. NOTE: You must have the Remote Administration permission to use this command.
CMS-XML SBM Database Index definitions used in all databases for 11.2
CMS-XML In SBM 11.1 if a user doesn't have permission to see any fields in a privilege section the Expander control will still show on a custom form.
); 4. Save your changes to all 4 files. 5. Go back to the System Administrator tool and under File select "Put Files Into Database "
CMS-XML Why are there so many sleeping connections for my SBM SQL Server database?
SQL Server connection pooling keeps connections open for a set timeout period before closing them and allowing new ones to be reopened. This is done for performance reasons.
CMS-XML SBM: How to read the value of a date/time column from the database
SBM stores these values using EPOCH. You can google for online EPOCH converters that will allow you to paste in the EPOCH number and get back a date/time. You can also convert the value yourself as part of your SQL query.
CMS-XML Database Upgrade -- SBM Upgrade Fails
At this time, you may tempted to close the Configurator or apply changes. It is very important that you do not allow the JBOSS service to start until you complete the database upgrade from the Configurator or SBM Administrator (AE Database ) in versions prior to SBM 10.1.3. The JBOSS service is responsible for updating JBOSS tables.
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