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CMS-XML The new mail client won't allow issue type to be mapped in xml submit
CMS-XML If a non-privileged user tries to use WS getitemsbyquery, XML response message should not include item id reference
SBM 2008 R1.02
CMS-XML SBM: String localization import is very slow, and gives error "A file error occurred while importing. Please, check the content of the import file" (Performance issue)
Translated strings can be imported using an XML file on the Application Administrator > Localization screen, but this import is very slow. After about 20 minutes, the user will get error:
CMS-XML SBM: Report always returns zero rows when try to filter multi-relational or multi-user field (Advanced XML Report)
Beginning in SBM 11.8, a new "source" attribute was added to the <field> tag which should fix this issue . As an example, the field tag for a multi-relational field may look like this:
CMS-XML Dim10: SBM2DM: After upgrading the Connector tool from TT2DM to SBM2DM, SBM issues are not created in Dimensions nor are SBM issues transitioned from Dimensions.
owner="Serena Business Mashups" b. Search the xml file for the following: owner="Dimensions"
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.1 Hotfix 2: Fixes several issues with Rich Text Fields and the Rich Text Editor's floating toolbar
DEF323377: Rich Text Editor: App Admin: E-mail Templates: Button for tags does not open DEF323369: Rich Text Editor: pdf or xml should be opened in New Tab for preview DEF323292: Rich Text Editor: when Update text and remove bold from multi lines, some lines are still bold
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot Subversion (SVN) to SBM connector issues.
This should show an xml page which is the wsdl for the web service the orchestration engine should respond to. If you don't see an xml file then continue to troubleshoot why not.
CMS-XML SBM 11+: Creating Query Views for Advanced Reports (SBM Advanced XML Report)
Use label1, label2, and label3 in the order they are listed in SBM Composer for the field values. For example, in the sample Issue Defect Management process app, the Reproducible field defines the first value as "no" and the second value as "yes". You would specify these as label1="No" label2="Yes".
CMS-XML SBM performance issue with Virtual machines
IF this error UNKNOWN PROJECT ID 0. Invalid Enabler License . error happens when searching by ID on the projects, the cache issue is not ARP but template cache. Restart Services in configurator under Manage Services.
CMS-XML After upgrade to SBM 10.1.3+ orchestration workflow may get error "Invalid item id 0 for table 0."
Unless your application is calling an orchestration in an external application this change doesn't matter and your orchestrations will continue to run. Where this becomes a problem is when your application calls an external application and runs an orchestration in that app which uses the "Acme_TableRecId" ( after upgrade "ItemId_TableRecId") element because now they are clearly going to be different in each application.
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