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CMS-XML Mapping a Tracker:Choice to SBM:Text field causes NULL values to be copied
SBM 2008 R2
CMS-XML Mailbox Mapping Page displays blank “Mapping To” section after upgrade to SBM 11.6.1
CMS-XML "Invalid Application Entry Point: This entry point does not map to any SBM function" upon Accessing a Link from an Email
SBM 11.1
CMS-XML Reset default BMS map type to &TLODLTP rather than MAP
Reset default BMS map type to &TLODLTP rather than MAP
CMS-XML SBM: Deploy fails with error: Failed to deploy event map for orchestration "ORCH": com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxUnexpectedCharException: Unexpected character 'd'
SBM 11.8
CMS-XML Unable to map MS Project Contact Field to SBM User Field
Unable to map the contact field in an .mpp MS Project file to a user field in SBM .
CMS-XML DIMCM12.1: Mapping Design Parts in the Serena Business Manager Integration.
When mapping a Serena Business Manager field against the design part.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: CRRZB0271E attempting to use the BMS Map editor
ZMF4ECL: CRRZB0271E attempting to use the BMS Map editor
CMS-XML Using SBM to Agile report mover you get an error "All Items" was not created because: Creating or Mapping Agile Work Items failed.
You will get this error if you try to move an SBM item with the report mover with a Sprint selected on the Right side of the screen as the target in the drop down. The purpose of the report mover tool is to move items into Product Backlogs, Release Backlogs or Backlogs under a Product and not straight into a Sprint. After moving the items to one of these backlogs you would then use Agile to put the items into Sprints.
CMS-XML Item type was not mapped error when using the SBM Report Mover widget in Agile.
In the example above for SBM the value for "Enhancement Request" can be found using either the SBM Administrator or Composer. Look for the field listing for one called "Type" and the values in the "Selections" section in the Administrator tool or "Value" section in Composer.
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