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CMS-XML SAML2 External Identity Provider Authentication Settings Lost on Upgrade to SBM
If you configure External Identity Provider authentication using a SAML 2 service provider and then upgrade to SBM, the settings are not preserved in SBM Configurator.
CMS-XML Configuring OAuth 2 Security in SBM
Oauth 2 is a user-centric protocol--the user has to explicitly provide authorization for a service to use the user's data as a service provider. Every service provider is different, and they don't all expose the information that is used to obtain tokens in the same way (some use different terminology). For example, the Client ID and Client Secret may be called API Key and API Secret.
CMS-XML Status updates from remote service providers may not update task status in Release Control
If a notification (status update) is received for a task whose sequence is greater than 1 and the last task in the same sequence has not started, then the notification may be ignored. For example, there are multiple sequences in a task set and a notification is received for a task with sequence 2 , but the last task with sequence 2 has not yet started, the notification may be ignored.
PDF Installation Guide and Configuration Guide
To configure SBM to accept authenticated users from an external identity provider, select one of the following: • Use 3rd Party Service Provider • Use SAML 2 Service Provider (appears if you have selected Single Sign-On) Refer to one of the following sections according to your selection.
PDF Installation Guide and Configuration Guide
• Use SAML 2 Service Provider
PDF SBM Application Repository Guide
6. Enter the token and client information that SBM will use to connect to the OAuth 2 service provider . Refer to solution S141346 for detailed steps on obtaining the OAuth 2 security token information.
PDF SBM Application Repository Guide
• Access Token SBM uses the access token to connect to the OAuth 2 service provider . • Refresh Token When the access token expires, SBM uses the refresh token to obtain a new access token. 11. Click Save again.
CMS-XML Creating an IIS SSL Key and Certificate on Windows 2008
Cryptographic Service Provider Properties ... Cryptographic service provider ... 2 . Send the request to VeriSign, thawte, or another certificate authority to ... 2 . From the File menu, select
CMS-XML New Features in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 1
ZMF 8.2 Patch 1 Supports the z/OS Connect Build Processes for CICS IPIC Service Provider and Db2 RESTful Services ... CMNBAQD 2 , which supports this function, is supplied as a member of the CMNZMF.SKELS. ... In addition, for impact analysis purposes, CMNBAQ00 now establishes a source-to-copy relationship between these two copybooks and the like-SRC parm ... 2
PDF Serena Dimensions CM – Dimensions for Eclipse User's Guide
Dimensions supports ActiveIdentity Smart Card service providers . ... 2 Select Team | Serena Dimensions, and enter the correct path in the Smart Card Library Path field. ... 2 Enter the password for the operating system user that you wish to log-in as, and click the OK button.
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