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CMS-XML Incorrect format/syntax of repeatable tags results in S0C7 in Started Task
When running the XML service PACKAGE/SERVICE/CREATE to create a package it was discovered that if the 'end' tag for one of the repeatable tags is put on the same line as the 'start' tag you get a S0C7 in CMN$PCRT at OFFSET-000002B4. The following is the correct format/syntax for the repeatable tag <schedulingInfo> : <schedulingInfo>
COPY for CLIST conversion from FB to VB results in S0C7 -0000 U0000 AT +00001EEA IN PROGRAM STARTOOL:PDSCOPY
CMS-XML HISTory command results in S0C7
At FDM Level=, the HISTory command results in a S0C7 abend. ocand are getting an S0C7 Abend with HISTory. Csect PDSMAIN At Offset +x'0016EE' in module STARTOOL Last linked on 2009/07/14
CMS-XML FDM Starbat Processing of IAM file results in PDS999E ABEND S0C7-0000 U0000 AT +000CA5D2 IN PROGRAM STARTOOL:*UNKNOWN
Customer is executing a StarBat copyrec function against an IAM vsam dataset and receiving a s0c7 abend. This issue began occurring after upgrade from FDM 7.8.0 to FDM HF8. What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
CMS-XML Baseline Analyzer causes S0C7 in CMNRDMSL offset=000ABA
When the Baseline Analyzer report is run against a library containing a module linked with an older version of the linkage editor (possibly linked back in the early 1980's),the result is a S0C7 abend in module CMNRDMSL at offset=000ABA. Problem reported in v5.3.0 and v5.5.0.
CMS-XML S0C7 in CMNVSITE updating package installation date
Customer has changed the Global Admin Parm ‘Number of days in calendar’ to 1820 (5 years) and updated the calendar via Global Admin ‘Dates’ option for the change to take effect . If the customer attempts to update the package installation date and enters a date past the 5 year calendar limit the ‘CMNSTDWN’ panel is display and they are kicked out of ZMF, along with a S0C7 abend in module CMNVSITE in the ZMF task output.
CMS-XML HISTory command gets S0C7 on z/os 1.10 system
Performing a HIST command against a module results in a S0C7 both in online and batch. An IBM AMBLIST against this module will show 'BAD DATE' - refer to the AMBLIST output below.
CMS-XML S0C7 in module CMNIA000 offset x'00000372' in some applications
When running the IMPACT job (A.G.I), there is a problem when two certiain applications are inlcuded, the job abends with an S0C7 in CMNIA000. If you only include other applications, or exclude these two applications, it all works fine. The abend highlights the following:
CMS-XML HIST commands receives S0C7 U0000 AT +01A3D0 IN PROGRAM PDSALIAS
A HIST against load modules result in a S0C7 . Following is MAP information together with the S0C7 mini dump . SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C7 REASON CODE=00000000
CMS-XML Aging hfs components causing S0C1 or S0C7 abends in started tasks
Attempts to age or delete hfs components using ZMF housekeeping can result in the following abend in the started task processing that transaction: 04.00.41 S0702580 SER0953E Task abnormally terminated: Comp=S0C1 Function=DATASET/LIST NSI=00000002 04.01.17 S0702580 IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT 530
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