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CMS-XML RM Browser issues: Could not load type ‘System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule’
WCF HTTP activation feature adds a global module for the 3.0 framework’s 'System.ServiceModel’ assembly for the type 'System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule'. Since the application pool’s runtime version is v4.0, this assembly is tried to be loaded from the .NET 4 assemblies folder. Since, the definition of the 'System.ServiceModel.Activation.HttpModule’ is now moved to the “System.ServiceModel.Activation” assembly, it fails. .
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
1 Stop the Micro Focus Common Tomcat (SCT) Service, the Micro Focus Dimensions RM Pool Manager, ... 13 Start the SCT Service, the Micro Focus Dimensions RM Pool Manager and ... 10.INT342277: FF: Run report from Requirements View: Report with run-time param shows loading.. and error in console ... 22.ENH342289: FF: Add option to run report with the same runtime parameter again
CMS-XML Troubleshooting: Notification using Run Script does not kick off the AppScript (SBM 10.1+)
RUNTIME ERROR IN SCRIPT ... RUNTIME ERROR IN SCRIPT ... RUNTIME ERROR IN SCRIPT "MyNotification" (id=23) ... RUNTIME ERROR IN SCRIPT "MyNotification" (id=23) ... It should have been "MY_DATE" RUNTIME ERROR IN SCRIPT "MyNotification" (id=23) ... Line 29> Call Ext.AppendTextFile(file,"Text for log") The script tried to read/write to a file, but the App Pool user who is running SBM does not have permissions to read/write to the file.
CMS-XML DimCM: Listener.dat settings
Specifies the operating system account name that will own every application process in the pool . For the Serena-Supplied Runtime RDBMS or Oracle Enterprise, this can be any arbitrary valid operating system account; whereas, for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, it must be the operating system account of the database owner.
CMS-XML Java error occurring when running any WLS action
2012-03-20 15:25:54,710 [SwingWorker- pool -26757789-thread-840] DEBUG ( - got event StepEventDetails{stepId=164696, sequentialStepId='P156649.F156651.E156660', ... 1. Copy the following WebLogic Client Runtime jar files from the WebLogic Application Server machine
PDF Performance Improvements in SBM
• Throttling ‐ The internal throttling mechanism now handles asynchronous and synchronous orchestrations with separate queues and includes a configurable resource pool . ... RUNTIME TEST ARCHITECTURE ... Runtime Test Architecture
PDF Serena Deployment Automation Guide
... for the desired pool . Agent Pool Management table ... and edit the pool's name and description ... ... creates a new pool with the same ... as the selected pool ) the pool . ... deactivate the agent pool . ... Removes the agent pool . ... . Get Agent Pools /rest/ ... agentId}/ pools ... topics describe the runtime communication and configuration ... ... Dimensions CM Integration Runtime Communication [page ... ... Dimensions CM Integration Runtime Communication ... topics describe the runtime communication and configuration ... ... ChangeMan ZMF Integration Runtime Communication [page ... ... ChangeMan ZMF Integration Runtime Communication ... topics describe the runtime communication and configuration ... • Nolio Integration Runtime Communication [page 338] ... Nolio Integration Runtime Communication
HTML SQL*Plus Report
... EXECUTE DICOM_ RUNTIME _PREFERENC539 ... ... _SESS_ POOL _MTH SELECT ... ... _SESS_ POOL _MTH SELECT ... ... /internal/ Pool EXECUTE com/ ... ... /ldap/ pool / Pool EXECUTE com/ ... ... /jvm/ Pool EXECUTE com/ ... ... EXECUTE java/lang/ProcessEnvironment EXECUTE java/lang/ProcessEnvironment$1 EXECUTE java/lang/Readable EXECUTE java/lang/Runnable EXECUTE java/lang/ Runtime EXECUTE java/lang/RuntimeException EXECUTE java/lang/RuntimePermission EXECUTE java/lang/SecurityException EXECUTE java/lang/SecurityManager ...
HTML Serena Application Release Manager 1.2 Readme File Last updated on 29 April 2010
2.3 Serena Business Mashups Requirements Maintain separate application and orchestration engine runtime databases. Apply READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON on the orchestration engine runtime database. Make sure the IIS application pool setting is NOT set to recycle automatically or idle shutdown.
36 SERSERVC Runtime Considerations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... The Basis for Change The pool of IDM issues provides a basis for defining software release requirements in the Change Request Management (CRM), and the issues are associated with requests for change in CRM.
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